Why should you save the bobcats?

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We should save the Bobcat because if we didn't have them then the pests that they control by eating them would be destroying our economy.
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What is a bobcat?

A bobcat is a North America mammal of the cat family ,felidae. Their latin name is Lynx Rufus meaning lynx with red hair. They have a spotted reddish brown fur, tufted ears and short tail. They eat small mamals such as rabbits, mice, woodchucks, skunks, raccoons and moles, birds, such as grouse, s (MORE)

What should you save a video as?

Popular opinion suggests that you should save a video as an MPEG4.Alternatively, you can choose to save the file as an AVI, WMV orMOV.

Why should you save the rainforest?

Because animals get killed when trees are bulldozed or cut down and the trees give us oxygen to live. if you mean WHY should you save the rainforest, then because just think..... if you were a helpless animal in the rainforest and one day you saw all the trees falling on you because some man wanted (MORE)

Why should we save our planet?

Saving the environment is definitely a very important factor not only to the survival of all of earth's specimen, but also directly affects our own health and survival. Nowadays, when pollution occurs in many forms, we drink from unhealthy water that may cause diseases, breathe unhygienic air that m (MORE)

Why should paper be saved?

Paper should be saved because it's made out of one of our naturalresources. Print only what is needed and recycle paper whenpossible. Paper comes from trees and trees convert carbon dioxideinto oxygen.

Why should you save the Amur Leopard?

There is the aesthetic answer of preserving interesting forms of life. They may play an important role in their ecosystem (controlling the deer population), but this answer seems weak, given their low number and the fact that part of their decline is due to the decline of prey species. Another in (MORE)

Why should you save the polar bear?

Yes you should save the polar bear because they havent done anything to us then why should we do anything to harm them and they are very important to our society.

What do bobcats do?

Bobcats do a great variety of things during their lifetime. Thesecats hunt, breed, sleep, and play with each other. Lives just like any other animal. They breed, give birth, raise their young, hunt for food, and most of all they try to not be seen. They are a very elusive animal.

Why should you save the snow leopards?

No species of animal should go extinct it messes up the cycle oflike for other species. As science advances we see more and morethe impact that species becoming extinct have.

Why should wolverines should be saved?

\n. it would effect the food chain greatly and because the arctic wolverine eats the food from carcasses eaten by bears and wolves making the wolverine esential to removing the rubish. \n. \n. if you think this is invalid get off this page and look in a book you lazzy bugger!

What bait should I use for a bobcat?

Well a bobcat is a pick up truck in the well known video games Grand Theft Auto. therefore it does not need bait just an xbox/ps2 or xbox 360/ps3 and the patience to look around for one and then jack it. Simple. i hope you find this answer useful.

Why should a bobcat be saved?

Why shoudn't they? All animals have the right to live, and we humans need to learn that lesson. The bobcat is a very important part of the ecosystem, being a predator mainly of rodents and small animals, and keeps numbers in balance of these creatures in their habitat.

How can people save bobcats from going extinct?

Stop hunting the cats. . Leave the forests where there are cats alone (they need huge areas to roam). . Do not hunt the cats natural prey. . Make sure the cat's natural prey have good access to food. . And we can stop building and making houses.

What should you do if a bobcat attacks you?

Do not crouch, bend or stoop. Your perceived size acts as a factor of intimidation to the attacking animal. Even raising an arm or arms increases the perception of size. (Animals do not recognize the symbol of surrender which is a social and cultural skill.) If a platform of any type is availabl (MORE)

Why should bees be saved when they are endangered?

Bees give us honey which is used in thousands of products throughout the world. Including as a natural medicine and plain honey soothes a sore throat. We also use beeswax for chap-sticks that help with chapped lips. Therefore if bees are to become endangered then we should save them for the things (MORE)

Should White Tigers be saved?

Yes, of course you should save the white tiger, you should save all endangered species even if there are only 10 or less in the world ( you should help even more if there are less numbers) and don't give up. Because all animals are counting on your help.

Why should the Amazon rainforest be saved?

The true answer is so we can say sorry to our Earth and re pay her in one tiny aspect for all that we have done. We have cut down trees and grazed cattle on the nutritous grass so it will never grow again just to feed ourselves. We have made animals go extinct for our fear of the unknown. We have in (MORE)

Why should you have daylight saving?

because if you live above or below the 45th latitude it will be dark at 4:30 p.m. or earlier without it in the winter. and in the summer it would be light at 6:00 a.m.

How should you save for a car?

The manner in which one saves for a car depends largely on (1) the price of the car (after negotiation), (2) how far into the future one wants to buy the car and (3) if will one use auto financing to complete the purchase. First, the price of the car provides insight into how long one must save and (MORE)

Why the cane toads should be saved?

All animal species have the right to be saved. Within Australia, however, the cane toad poses an enormous threat to Australian native flora and fauna. For this reason, it should be eradicated from countries into which it was introduced.

What can a Bobcat do?

Bobcats are the most versatile small machines I've ever seen, Mostly the come equipped as front loaders, but the standard Bobcats can take a small backhoe, a bulldozer blade, a post drill, a brushcutter, tine rake or a disc harrow and many other implements. - Tracked Bobcats are really good for bull (MORE)

What should you name your bobcat?

You can call it anything, from Paper Towel to Building, but here are some examples: Bob Bobby Jinx Slinky Scratch Pearl Gem Fire Midnight Allie Claw Tiger Sharpy Champion

How should you save a file?

For Saving it on the Computer hard disk you need to select the File option from the Menu and Click Save as option. Enter the desired filename when it prompts you to do so... Alternately click Ctrl S at the same time...

Why should work be saved regularly?

Saving the document should take place frequently during the creation and editing processes to guard against loss due to problems such as electrical-power failure, computer malfunctions, and operator error.

Should Kobe Bryant trade to the Charlotte Bobcats?

No way. Originally he was with the bobcats but they gave him up, he never played a game for the Bobcats, he went to the Lakers and now has 4 MVP s, 5 championships and is the best current player in the league.

Why should you bother saving the leopard?

Because they are beautiful creatures who deserve to have their habitat left how it is. there are only 35 amur leopards left and i for one love them. Would you like it if someone burnt your house and used it to make a sofa?? i didnt think so.

Why should you save the gray wolves?

Back a long time ago, a bounty was put on wolves to stop them from killing cattle. If you killed a wolf and brought in its ear, you would be paid. Red Wolves were heavily targetted. They are now extinct in many states. I'm not quite sure if there are any still around. It is important to save the w (MORE)

Should expired passports be saved?

You should always save the passport before the one you have now, just in case you lose it and need a new one, this will speed the process up.

Who should have high yield savings?

People with good credit should have high yield savings. This is because they are trustworthy with credit companies, and even with savings, they will pay the money back.

Why should African's save the sahel?

Because the Sahel is an important part of Africa. It has many resources that Africa needs, like vegetation, food (animals), and some water. :)

How should you save energy?

There are many ways to save energy. Some are: . Turn the lights off when you leave a room . Put full loads of clothes in the laundry . Use energy efficient appliances . Don't use electrical appliances that much . Wear a sweater instead of turning the heat on Remember; These are only some (MORE)

Should you save the koalas?

Yes! They are very fun to see. If you ever get to see you will love them as much as I do and I love them.

What should you do to save wild animals?

No.1: DONT PUT DIFFERENT SPECIES INTO ANOTHER ANIMALS HABITAT! That will cause the animal a contest to find food and a home. ( Like if you release 25 female bass and 25 male bass into a river full of atlantic whitefish then the white fish will have a less chance of survving epseicaly cuz the whitefi (MORE)

Why should you save the Eiffel tower?

Because it's an internationally recognised symbol of France &Paris. In the same way that the Washington monument is for america,Buckingham palace is for the UK and Ayres rock is for Australia.

Why should we save pandas?

Other species are becoming extinct like the panda. Faster thanthe natural cycle. That's why we should save pandas.