Why should you use protest poetry?

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Because the pen is mightier than the sword...
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What is protest poetry?

Protest poetry is poetry that strives to undermine established values and ideals, particularly those associated with the government and other bodies of authority. Protest

Why should students study poetry?

because if you study poetry you will be able to expand your vocabulary and easily comprehend and understand complex sentences, words or metaphorical expressions

What are the uses of poetry?

Poetry is used because it can sometimes bring joy and happiness to people and it can inspire them to do things, it's just like magic poetry can do something to you which dedic

Why should we have poetry?

Poetry is an art form like music, dance, painting, literature, sculpting or drawing. Poetry can be used to express an emotion or as an eloquent means for depicting a scene. Fu

Do poetry should focus on love?

No and yes. People may want a romantic poem but rhyming can help people remember things. There are many genres of poems.

Where and why South African protest poetry originated?

South African protrotest poetry originates from the deep streets of Soweto south of Johannesburg. It developed between the 1970-1995 during the period of apartheid. During the
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What is the theme of Protest Poetry?

Protest Poetry aims at social criticism in a more reliable, stable and permanent form, standing from the age-old platform of poetry. It can not be defined as a contemporary or

Why should poetry be taught in school?

I think it should be taught. 1. If literature is taught, poetry is one of the basic manifestations of literature, so, as much as we learn novels, essays etc., we should lear