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Because the pen is mightier than the sword...
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Do you need to use punctuation in poetry?

Not a great deal. Poetry has rhythm, and so it does not generally need much punctuation. Prose has no rhythm, and so it needs punctuation. Any "poetry"burdened with punctuation, especially periods in the middle of lines, is most likely plain ol' prose pretending to be verse by spreading out in absur (MORE)

Why is alliteration used in poetry?

Alliteration is the use of a succesion of words starting with the same sound.. Traditional poetry had a rhythm and alliteration improved it eg the rifles' rapid rattle . Somebody didn't like my answer 'sfx' and removed it, but that's the answer to 'why'. Alliteration is one of many kinds of speci (MORE)

Why is repetition used in poetry?

Repetition is used because when something is repeated to you it sticks into your brain so your remember it e.g. teaching telling you off stop chewing gum if she keeps repeating it every lesson eventually it will get suck in your head and you would listen... Hope that answered your question pal :)

What is protest poetry?

Protest poetry is poetry that strives to undermine established values and ideals, particularly those associated with the government and other bodies of authority. Protest poetry often aims to shock readers into political action by discussing taboo subject matter, using unconventional and often p (MORE)

Why use questions in poetry?

When using questions in poetry, it can make the reader want to look farther and find the answers to the questions. Even if they already know them, they'll want to know your answers.

How many Catholics and Protestants are there in the US?

there are more protestants in America . Protestant (51.3%) . Roman Catholic (23.9%) The Hispanics/Latinos , Irish , Italians , polish, French , Spanish , Hungarians and Lebanese brought Catholicism , while Northern European peoples introduced Protestantism . Among Protestants, adhe (MORE)

Why should students study poetry?

because if you study poetry you will be able to expand your vocabulary and easily comprehend and understand complex sentences, words or metaphorical expressions

What is The use of poetry in murder in the cathedral?

Well, basically, this is not an easy question to answer. In essence, the whole play is made up of verses manifested especially in Becket and Chorus' speech, hence, this greatly enhances the richness of the language in the play. There are of course exceptions, as seen in the speech made by the 4 knig (MORE)

Why do people use poetry?

Because poetry is, well, more thought through than just saying things. It goes deeper. If it rhymes, you could make a song. Because it's better than just monotonous words.

How is parallelism used in poetry?

That is when alternate lines end with rhyme: for example, there was a conductor from last season so said the director to the crowd 'it's a Russian sailors dance for a reason' all the pizz's 'rushing' when loud but for no reason!

Why use meter in poetry?

While much contemporary poetry favors meter-less constructions andother "free-verse" devices, there remains a case to be made infavor of using meter in an intentional, even rigorous, way whencomposing poetry. For one thing, the poet who commits to usingmeter of some kind will find new artistic chall (MORE)

When Protestant name first used?

The word Protestant is derived from the Latin protestari, meaning publicly declare, which refers to the letter of protestation by Lutheran princes against the decision of the Diet of Speyer in 1529, which reaffirmed the edict of the Diet of Worms in 1521, banning Luther's documents.. Since that tim (MORE)

What are the uses of poetry?

Poetry is used because it can sometimes bring joy and happiness to people and it can inspire them to do things, it's just like magic poetry can do something to you which dedicates you to do something. Some people don't like poetry though.

Anarchy protests in US?

Anarchists tend to not have protests in any nation due to the idea of uniting in order to work together on a common goal goes against the basic political philosophy of anarchists.

More Catholic or protestant in the US?

There are more protestants than catholics in the U.S. The stats I found stated that 51.3 percent of U.S. citizens claim to be protestants while 23.9 claimed to be catholic.

Why should we have poetry?

Poetry is an art form like music, dance, painting, literature, sculpting or drawing. Poetry can be used to express an emotion or as an eloquent means for depicting a scene. Furthermore, it is a way in which words can be used together in a way that sounds beautiful and can be an exercise in the use o (MORE)

Why should protestants have a god?

The entire basis of Christianity is a belief in God. Without this core belief, there would be no Christianity - Protestant or any other.

Use a sentence with the word protest?

I can give you several sentences. . I protest your cruel treatment! . They organized a protest in front of the company. . Watch: he is going to protest that he is innocent even though we caught him red-handed!

Did slaves use poetry?

Most slaves were illiterate, so they relied on oral traditions. Typically, they used songs or stories, not poems.

What are the examples of US epic poetry?

Evangeline and The Song of Hiawatha by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow , Clarel by Herman Melville , The Cantos by Ezra Pound , The Changing Light at Sandover by James Merrill ,

How is syncopation used in poetry?

I have done the research. Syncopation is used by poets like James Dickey. Prime example is "Sheep Boy" in which there are two separate voices intermingled to tell the same narrative. The same thing can be seen in "Falling" where the voices are intermingled, one being the author the other the steward (MORE)

Do Protestants use statues for prayer?

Not if they're good protestants. Depending on what edition you have, statues for prayer violates either the 2nd or 3rd Commandment. Thou shall not make graven images and bow down and worship them. Some versions forbid even making a pile of rocks.

How do the protests in Egypt effect the US?

These protests in Egypt have already affected the stock markets and our economy. Look at the Oil Prices. They have raised significantly as these protests have sparked so much attention and chaos that people worry that they're going to shut down or disrupt any transporting or use on the Suez Canal. T (MORE)

Where and why South African protest poetry originated?

South African protrotest poetry originates from the deep streets of Soweto south of Johannesburg. It developed between the 1970-1995 during the period of apartheid. During the struggle poets expressed their feelings towards oppression and discrimination using poety and we have the likes of Sol Plaat (MORE)

Are commas used in poetry?

Sure! There are many forms of poetry including prose form. It's all about how the poet wants to display their piece and if they want a comma or not.

What is use of pun on poetry?

A pun is loosely defined as a play on the sound of words to achieve a certain effect. In other words, a pun can: . Make you laugh . Make you think . Increase clarity when we're trying to discern the meaning of a text . Introduce ambiguity

What is the theme of Protest Poetry?

Protest Poetry aims at social criticism in a more reliable, stable and permanent form, standing from the age-old platform of poetry. It can not be defined as a contemporary or new phenomenon or any one be attributed with the discovery of it. A considerable portion of the poetry produced in this worl (MORE)

Is stanza used to organize poetry?

Yes and no stanzas are used to separate the poem and to make it sound smoother and if you do a rhyme one it doesn't sound right with out stanzas beaches it wouldn't rhyme

Is confessional poetry useful?

yes. Since many people should face similar situations, they can understand the poems very well and they can even tackle the issues with the help of these poems.

What word is used for over in poetry?

Some types of poetry, such as the Star Spangled Banner, use the abbreviation o'er, as in, o'er the ramparts we watched, at the twilight's last gleaming. And the rockets red glare, the bombs bursting in air...

Is imagery used in poetry?

yes . it saids that .. Most figures of speech cast up a picture in your mind. These pictures created or suggested by the poet are called 'images'. To participate fully in the world of poem, we must understand how the poet uses image to convey more than what is actually said or literally meant. W (MORE)

Why should poetry be taught in school?

I think it should be taught. 1. If literature is taught, poetry is one of the basic manifestations of literature, so, as much as we learn novels, essays etc., we should learn poetry too. 2. Poetry is very inspirational (well, maybe I m being partial) and along with educational benefits, it can b (MORE)

What does poetry tell us about nature?

Hindi poets are very much attached with the nature. They lives their life in nature, & as a child can tell more about his father than anybody else with the help of his mother, hindi poet does the same, he is a child who with the help of his mother-'poem' tells excellent about his father, i.e. "NATUR (MORE)

What do they most often use in poetry?

"Verse", the individual line format of poems, is used most often in poetry. In fact, if the work is not in verse format, it isn't even poetry. One problem with this answer though is that it is a tautology. It is like saying "poetry is used most often in poetry." Not very helpful. So another answer c (MORE)

Why use parallelism in poetry?

Parallelism refers to the repetition of sentence structure or word order to achieve a rhythmical effect. The overall effect is that sentence parts seem to rhyme. More importantly, the thoughts that these parts express are either repeated or contrasted.

What are the different uses for poetry?

The 'uses' of therapy depend on the writer, as well as the reader/listener. Functions include: . expression of emotions . sources of inspiration . sources of faith . literary excellence . educational . lyrical . completely personal enjoyment, not to be shared

Can you use idioms in poetry?

Yes, although the selection needs to be made carefully so that it flows with the rest of the poem and makes sense.

What is a stanza used for in poetry?

A stanza is where the poetry divides. A stanza usually has fluidity and contains the same lengths.There are a few well known stanzas. One is a couplet, where there are only 2 lines that rhyme. Another is a Tercet which include 3 lines. Also a Quatrain make up 4 lines.

Are metaphors often used in poetry?

Oh yes, metaphors are used quite often in poetry. A good metaphor is poetic. Next to rhyme and meter, there is nothing more typical of poetry than metaphor.