Why sound comes first instead of light when you switch on the TV as light travels first?

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In the old days, TV Tubes took time to heat up to operate. The new TV's Flat screens may not have the same difference.
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Why do most lights burn out when they are first switched on?

Answer . Light bulb filaments glow rather than burn because of the lack of oxygen within the vacuum of the bulb. Over time, the heating and contracting of the filament an

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Yes, because the fulcrum is in the middle (the part that makes the switch go up and down) the effort is where you push up and down with your fingers the load is your fingers.

Why sound of tv comes first than graphics?

The colours and the picture need to come into focus where as the sound is already in clear pitch. Read more: http://wiki.answers.com/Why_does_the_sound_comes_firstand_then_