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Why sound comes first instead of light when you switch on the TV as light travels first?

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In the old days, TV Tubes took time to heat up to operate. The new TV's Flat screens may not have the same difference.
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Who invented the first light switch?

The first switch light was invented by John Henry Holmes in 1884.In 1890, Granville Woods invented the first dimmer switch, whichoffered a knob to control how bright or dim a

Worlds First light switch?

The worlds first light switch was invented by Moe Goldberg in 1893.

Is a light switch a first class lever?

Yes, because the fulcrum is in the middle (the part that makes the switch go up and down) the effort is where you push up and down with your fingers the load is your fingers.

Why sound of tv comes first than graphics?

The colours and the picture need to come into focus where as the sound is already in clear pitch. Read more: http://wiki.answers.com/Why_does_the_sound_comes_firstand_then_

Why sound travels faster then light in television?

It doesn't. Light travels at a speed of 300,000 km/second; sound travels roughly a million times slower. By the way, the light you see and the sound you hear in television doe