Why sound comes first instead of light when you switch on the TV as light travels first?

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In the old days, TV Tubes took time to heat up to operate. The new TV's Flat screens may not have the same difference.
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Why would lights and TV come on without anyone flipping the switch?

Having the surge protector should not affect individual circuits. It sounds more like to me you have a bad neutral somewhere. By that I mean a wire is loose. So say the light switch or TV is left on and the bad connection is currently open, neither work. So the wind or gremlins in your house do thei (MORE)

Why do most lights burn out when they are first switched on?

Answer . Light bulb filaments glow rather than burn because of the lack of oxygen within the vacuum of the bulb. Over time, the heating and contracting of the filament and the glass surrounding it creates a leak in the base of the bulb causing the vacuum to be lost and allowing oxygen to enter (MORE)

What come first the darkness or the lightness?

Answer . ok first off this person didnt even word this question right...they must be an idoit and once they do then their question would probably have a good answer under it.... GET IT STRAIGHT NEXT TIME!

Who invented the first light switch?

The first switch light was invented by John Henry Holmes in 1884.In 1890, Granville Woods invented the first dimmer switch, whichoffered a knob to control how bright or dim a room could be.

Which travels faster - sound or light?

Light travels considerably faster. Sound travels at about 343 meters per second. Light travels at 299,792,458 meters per second. Light in vacuum travels about 876 thousand times as fast as sound in air. If you meant to ask if light or sound travels faster then this is the answer: Light travels (MORE)

What would the first astronauts to travel to distant stars use what to get up to the light speed instead of engines?

Perhaps this will change with future advancements, but given our current knowledge no astronauts would ever reach the speed of light or even get close. One possibility for very extended journies would be something like the particle engines that are being developed. These engines (that put out a stre (MORE)

Does light travel slower then sound?

No. It's the other way around ... sound is much slower. The numbers for each are thus: . Speed of Sound: 340.29 m/s . Speed of Light: 299,792,458 m/s . Yup - light is faster ... much faster.. You've never heard in the comic books "faster than the speed of light"??????

What travels faster out of sound and light?

Light is roughly a million times faster than sound. (Speed of light in a vacuum: 300 million meters/second; speed of sound in air: ca. 350 meters/second; the speed of soundin other substances varies quite a lot.)

Why do light filament bulbs usually blow when they are first switched on?

because when they are first switched on a large surge of electrical current flow through a cold filament. When you first switch on the bulb the resistance is small, so you get a current surge which breaks the weakened filament. The filament is weakened by repeated heating and cooling from the bulb b (MORE)

What comes first lighting or thunder?

Thunder and lightning both occur simultaneously. You will see the lighting before you hear the thunder if you are far away from it because light travels faster than sound.

Where can light travel but not sound?

In a vacuum. Light can travel through outer space (Moon to Earth), but sound cannot because sound requires air to transmit the vibrations that we recognize as sounds.

Which do come first light or darkness?

Neither can "come first" - for darkness to exist there must be an absence of light. But for light to exist there must be something to burn, and before there was anything burning there would have been darkness. But.... as there would have been nothing to observe the darkness - as nothing can exist (MORE)

Which travel faster light or sounds?

Light. Light travels at 186,282 miles per second. Sound travels at about five seconds per mile. i believe it would be 5 miles per second , not seconds per mile No, the first answer was correct. Sound travels at approximately .211 miles per second, or about 4.7 (≈5) seconds per mile.

Why does light travel before sound?

Because light travels approximately 87,319 times faster than sound. Light speed is 186,282 Miles Per Second Sound travels at 768 Miles Per Hour (for conversion that is 768 divided by 360 to get Miles Per Second for comparison and calculation).

How do sound and light travel?

The travelling of light and sound are two contrasting things.The sound wave being a longitudinal mechanical wave requires a medium and makes use of the inertia and elasticity of the medium in order to progress.Whereas a light wave being an electromagnetic wave requires no medium to travel and propog (MORE)

How do you install a rheostat instead of a light switch?

A rheostat is an extremely ancient form of variable resistor that was used very largely to vary voltage. As you mention replacing a light switch, presumably you want to install a dimmer?. If so, lighting dimmers are solid state and are a simple replacement for a standard switch.. NOTE - you cannot (MORE)

What is the form that light and sound travel in?

Light travels in the form of packets of energy that Einstein named "Photons." They travel as a propagating wave called Electromagnetic Radiation (EMR) which is the result of an oscillating electron causing a perpendicularly equal magnetic wave. EMR does not require a medium to pass through, but when (MORE)

How sound and light travel and why?

sound is a vibration of particles heard by the eardrum, light is a photon (a particle) that flies around and bumps off things. Why? well that is one of the universal, unanswerable questions

Can sound travel through light?

Sure. My wife can yell at me just fine when the light is on in the bedroom, and the audience can hear the singer on stage just fine when the spotlight is on him.

When did prime numbers first come into light?

They were known, at least, to the Ancient Greeks - perhaps earlier. I believe it was one of the Ancient Greeks who proved that the set of prime numbers was infinite (or "larger than any given set", or that there was no last prime number).\n\n They were known, at least, to the Ancient Greeks - perha (MORE)

Is a light switch a first class lever?

Yes, because the fulcrum is in the middle (the part that makes the switch go up and down) the effort is where you push up and down with your fingers the load is your fingers. It is a first class lever.

How do you wire a series of recessed lights to a single switch when the power goes to the lights first?

The switch goes between the supply and the string of lights. If the supply is in a ceiling box you need to run a 3-wire cable from the switch to the ceiling box. Since your normal Romex cable for residential use has a black, white and bare wire you would use them as follows: At the switch connect b (MORE)

Why sound of tv comes first than graphics?

The colours and the picture need to come into focus where as the sound is already in clear pitch. Read more: http://wiki.answers.com/Why_does_the_sound_comes_firstand_then_picture_on_the_TV_when_we_first_turn_it_on#ixzz18PAV5eIr .

Can sound travel at the speed of light?

No. If it did, then we'd have to call it light, not sound. Actually, there's a little bit of a difference between the two speeds. Like light travels about 879 thousand times faster than sound does.

Why sound travels faster then light in television?

It doesn't. Light travels at a speed of 300,000 km/second; sound travels roughly a million times slower. By the way, the light you see and the sound you hear in television doesn't travel as light or sound for most of the way - the information is encoded in a radio wave (which also travels at the spe (MORE)

How fast can light and sound travel?

Light travels at 186,000 miles per second. Sound travels at around 765 m.p.h., but that can cary a bit depending on temperature and humidity.