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Why the dead body float on water?

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Gases that are lighter than the water build up in a dead body after several days, causing it to eventually float.
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Why do dead body float on water?

Dead bodies float due to the gases produced during decomposition.  The gases are lighter than the water, causes the body to float and  to continue decomposing

Why does a dead body float on water?

A cadaver in the water starts to sink as soon as the air in its lungs is replaced with water. Once submerged, the body stays underwater until the bacteria in the gut and chest

Why the dead body float on the water?

Many gases produce in body of human. When the man die the water enter the human body and there is no way for air to diffuse out of the human body .As the gasesare lighter so t

How long will a dead body float in water?

  That depends upon a large number of factors. How warm is the water? Is the water still or is it moving? Bodies are usually heavier than water, so when the lungs are fill

Why does a dead body float on water but a living body doesnt?

Well both a dead body and living one floats on top of water. But the more you panic, the faster you will sink. If you were to stay calm and relax, you will have no problem wit

Why do dead bodies float on water?

Dead bodies float on water much the same way living bodies do. And yes, living bodies do float on water. But if you panic and exhale, you will sink. IF you stay calm and keep

Why alive body sink in water but dead body float on it?

There are several factors involved in the floating sinking of a body (alive or dead): Live body People tend to have positive buoyancy when alive as their lungs are full of