Why vermont became vermont?

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Vermont is called "The Green Mountain State". The french term for green mountain is "verde mont". Take out the d, e, and the space, and you get "Vermont"
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Where is Vermont?

In New England, South of Quebec, North of Massachusetts, East of New York snd West of New Hampshire. It is between New York state and New Hampshire. It is a New England stat

What can you do in Vermont?

You can go swimming and boating in Vermont's many lakes, streams, and ponds. You could go hiking in the Green Mountains, shopping, go to a spa, go tour historic sites, and ove

Before Vermont became a state it was?

The Vermont Republic. It was established in 1777 and joined the USA in 1791. Before being the Republic it was British Territory.Before Being British Territory it was French Te

What about Vermont?

Vermont became the 14th state in theUnion on February 18, 1791.

Vermont is history of how it became a state?

In 1777 all thirteen colonies were fighting for a revolutionary warwith England but they were also busy in stopping Vermont becoming astate. At the same time continental congr
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What is a vermonteer?

An individual from the state of Vermont, located in the United States.