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Why was Billie Holiday's nickname Lady day?

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Well, her friend Lester Young, Billie, and her mother gave each other nicknames. Billie was considered a lady because she would not accept tips unless you handed her. Lester Young must have gotten "Day" out of Holiday, and thus came up with Lady Day as a nickname.
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What happened to Billie Holiday's husband Louis McKay?

Louis McKay re-married in 1975 to Bernice Yancey. He wrote an  autobiography and helped with the film "Lady Sings the Blues," a  movie about Billie Holiday's life. He was a

What are Billie holiday's hobbies?

She didn't have hobbies per se. She had a successful singing career which left little time for hobbies. But she did have pet dogs upon which she doted and lavished lot of atte

What are Billie Holiday's most famous songs?

Some of Billie Holiday's most famous songs are... "Easy Living", "Good Morning Heartache", "Strange Fruit", "God Bless the Child", "Don't Explain", "Fine and Mellow", and "La

What was Billie Holiday's husbands name?

Billie Holidays first husband was named James Monroe, her second husband was named Louis McKay. She had two "common law husbands or rather men she presented as her husband but

What was Billie Holiday's personal qualities?

Billie holiday had many different qualities but the two main qualities she had was she dwelled on the past, since she went through so much poverty as a child and an adult. Ano