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Why was Captain America frozen?

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He and Bucky were trying to stop an experimental rocket fired by Zemo during the early months of 1945. It exploded and Cap was thrown into the North Sea, where he was frozen in the ice.
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Will there be a captain America?

I'm assuming you mean a Captain America movie, so yes. Chris Evans will play Captain America. The movie will come out in 2011. :)

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Captain America's costume in the comic books included scale-mail or ring-mail (rather than chainmail). This would help to protect his upper torso from knife and other weapon a

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Born in: New York, NY. Grew up: Manhattan, NY. Lived in: Brooklyn, NY before enlisting. And now for the most part lives on the S.H.I.E.L.D. hover base.

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"I'm loyal to nothing...except the Dream."Avengers Assemble!"You think this letter on my head stands for France?"In your warped, twisted mind, you think of combat as a game

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After volunteering for the Super Soldier program, Operation: Rebirth, Steve Rogers is given the Super Soldier Serum developed by Dr. Josef Reinstein, and gains his super power

How did Captain America become Captain America?

Captain America was a sickly little shrimp of a guy, but with a  huge sense of patriotism. Because of his health, the regular army  didn't want him, but he eventually manage

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He has no special powers other than being what you might call super human, he has heightened senses, strength and stamina. He also has that awesome shield that he uses to de