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Which languages besides English where spoken in the 18th century in NY?

Answer . Maybe some Dutch since NY was a Dutch colony before it was owned by the British.\n. \nSome Indian languages perhaps.

Why do the NY Yankees have so much money?

Its because of the Yankees history. Probably starting with the Yankees acquiring Babe Ruth. Babe Ruth started hitting home runs and bringing fans to Yankee stadium. On top of that the Yankees have had other hall of fame hitters like Yogi Berra, Micky Mantle, Joe DiMaggio, and now Derek Jeter, and Alex Rodriguez. Yankees also have the most attendance almost ever year. And even on top of that the Yankees have WON 26 WORLD SERIES. And the post season games bring in a lot of cash, and they make the playoffs every year. 2008 is their last year and every seat in the entire stadium is sold out. Trust me- I luckily found some tickets twice as much on eBay. Plus they are baseballs best team :) You can find a Yankee fan anywhere... And that's why the Yankees have a lot of money. Go Yankees!! While the above statement is true, they have a winning tradition and they have been blessed with some of the best players the game has ever seen (even before they started spending a ton of money on free agency in the 70's), the Yankees make a ton of money because: 1. New York is the biggest sports market in the US, and maybe the world. Because of the population and population density, all major sports do well in NYC. 2. The Yankees are shrewd business people. They go out of their way to sign Japanes players, because those games are broadcast nationally in Japan...rising the price of sponsorship dollars (because it becomes a bigger market). A player like Matsui, who makes about $12M a year, porbably generates $30M, if you consider the expanded market he brings along with him. 3. They are one of the first, if not the first sports franchise to have their own TV network. The ownership is between the Yankees and Goldman Saks, which is a money printing machine. Because of their already popular franchise, cable companies are force to add the YES Network on their packages because many people, including myself will pay the extra few dollars a year to see their games. And of course they get to sell a lot more ads, once only reserved for the Stadium. 4. They own their own concession stands at Yankees Stadium. In fact the owners own a company that provide consessions at other arenas (unknown). Additionally, it's about making money and also spending money. While there are many teams that make a lot of money (the Marlins for example make money, mostly from revenue sharing-a lot of that comes from the Yankees and other teams that do well financially) the Yankees ownership has committed to spending a lot of that money. Their figures aren't make public, but the seats, parking and food (excluding ad sales at the Stadium and on TV, the YES Network and other projects abroad) cost a lot of money. I get average seats, a couple of beers and a hotdog, and park my car in their parking lot. On average I spend about $100 per game. Let's just say the new stadium has 50,000 seats and there are 81 games played their. If you assume I spend like the average fan. You get this figure for a full season: $405,000,000. PER YEAR JUST FROM THE STADIUM. Of course that's just a random number but it's arbitrary number, because there are cheap seats and there are luxuary suites and it doesn't take into consideration city taxes and other fees, deferment from past players etc. But it's easy to guesstimate that they rake in close to 750,000,000 annually.

What is the importance of English?

English is one of the languages spoken in a great many countries of the world, so learning English will help you to express your thoughts and feelings in a way that more people can understand you. Also, English helps businesses to communicate better with other English-speaking people.

Can a 11 year old volunteer if so where in rochester ny?

you can volunteer in Rochester's anual clean sweep they do everyspring/summer. Look it up online(:

Why is the English Bill of Rights so important?

The English Bill of Rights are so important because they protectour freedoms and liberties from the government. If there were noBill of Rights, then the government would do whatever they wantedwith America.

Why is English important?

English is important because it is our International Language used in many countries and in international commerce and diplomacy. yes because it lets people communicate with other so we can understand people and the words they speak

Why english important?

Because it helps you to communicate around the world . Although it is Internationa laguage . The most funny thing is you are using it .

Is English important for you Why?

because english is one of the impotant language today if u dont know do how speak in english u are not confident to talk to another country

The important of English?

Well, for example, so that you would know to write "the import ance of English" instead.

Why was the battle of ny important?

It was important because this was a war when the American troops slowly and gradually became more efficent and more advanced. They were determined to win to keep their freedom. The Battle of New York represented New York's power and the amount of people there that had been killed.

Why are English bulldogs so expensive?

English Bulldog puppies are expensive because of the time, money, and effort that is put into breeding and raising the puppie. Most breeders artificially inseminate their females. That means the male has to be taken to a vet to have sperm extracted and the female needs to have that sperm inserted into her uterus at the time of heat (ovulation). As we all know, vet costs are far from cheap but the vets are the best and most knowledgeable when it comes to breeding.. Due to the size of the head and shoulders, bulldog puppies are usually born by C-section which can cost $700-$2000 depending on the vet, the number of puppies, complications, and your location. Bulldogs are prone to water babies, puppies that look like water balloons and have kidneys that do not function properly. After the C-section the mother could reject the puppies or just be a poor mother. Puppies can be slept on, crushed, or not well taken care of by their mother so breeders need to care for and watch the babies carefully.

Is so-so an English word?

No.. "So" is an Enlgish word, "so so" is a phrase using the same word twice which refers to something being reasonable, or not bad but not great.. "You went to the football yesterday, how was it?". "It was OK, so so."

Why is English is important?

English is important because it is spoken in many countries. Thecountry may have its native language, but they use English totransact business. Many around the world speak English as a secondlanguage.

Why was the English Channel so important to the allies?

It is the crossing point between England and France. The D-Day landings happened n the beaches of France, and the troops would have got there by the English Channel. - and don't forget about the channel islands. Jersey was occupied by the German in WW2 they used the island as a sort of 'base' and built tunnels and forts. They fought against France from Jersey.

What is 'so-so' when translated from English to Italian?

In Italian it translates to così-così . Always remember that depending on the context of your sentences, the translation can vary. There may also be slang terminology if you were to travel to Italy. Keep in mind that online translators may not always be correct, they are a reflection of the exact words you have typed in.

Why was the English Channel was so important to the German forces?

It was a huge obstacle in the way of a land invasion of Britian. Conversly it was a huge protection of Germany's territories from invasion by the Allies

Where can you find the lyrics to so close ny Jennette mccurdy?

You can find it in Youtube. Type in the search box "Jennette McCurdy So Close lyrics". There will be a few videos of the song. At Google, type "Jennette McCurdy So Close lyrics". There will be some websites or Youtube videos.

Why was the English bill of rights so important?

because the bill of rights enshrines a number of the fundamentalrights such as freedom of speech and freedom.

Why is Times Square NY important?

Time square is important in NY because that's where they celebrate annual New years eve celebrations.

Why is English so difficult to learn?

There are lots of answers to this question. Here are a few. . English has several origins. The language of Britain until the 6th century was Briton, a dialect of Celtish. This was then mostly replaced by a Germanic dialect with a massive influx of people from coastal Holland and Friesland (the Angles and Saxons). Then an overlay of French was added, especially after the Norman conquest. This complicated mix makes pronunciation and spelling follow many different sets of rules. . English was not very standardized until the 17th century, roughly following Shakespeare, the King James Bible, and the Johnson dictionary of the English Language. (Compare this to Chinese, which had basically one written form of the language over 1,900 years ago.) . English spelling was not standardized until the middle of the 19th century, and then separate rules emerged in various regions. . Separate grammatical forms and regional dialects emerged as English was used around the world. "Getting up a good head of steam" is meaningful in England and America, as trains were developed in both places. "Three strikes and you're out" has meaning only in America, because of American baseball. Vegamite and Marmite are peculiar to Australia. . And lastly, who says English is difficult? Four hundred million people have it down already!

What is 'So you can' when translated from English to Italian?

Così si può! is an Italian equivalent of the English phrase "So you can!" The declarative/exclamatory statement translates literally as "So it can be!" in English. The pronunciation will be "ko-SEE see pwo" in Italian.

Why is the English languague so werid?

English is a combination of bits and pieces from previously existing languages such as German, French, Latin, and Greek. Many of the basic, short words (such as word, cow, house, man, wife, light, etc.) came to Britain (where English was "born") with the Anglo-Saxons who were Germanic peoples. With them came the fundamental components of English grammar. In 1066 the French brought their own set of words (e.g., beef, question, discover, and all the words ending in -tion and -ment). Meanwhile, Latin and Greek were in widespread use for hundreds of years in Britain and they lent English thousands of technical, legal, medical, and scientific terms. So when you add all these elements together (and throw in words from dozens of other languages that the Britons and other groups of English speakers came into contact with) you can see that English is a real hodge-podge of a language.

Why is English class so boring?

Because that class is doing you how to do stuff you already how to do, and its full of things you dont learn.

Why is the Oxford English Dictionary so important?

At 22 volumes, it is simply the most comprehensive English dictionary there is, with quotes going back to at least the 7th century (that I'm aware of). It is also the most comprehensive etymological work in English, with etymologies for most of the entries. There's really no other dictionary like it in any other language.

Why was the year 1066 so important to English history?

the normans invaded england Improve answer 1066 was the year that changed the course of British History. On the 14th October 1066 the Battle of Hastings was fought between the English led by King Harold II and the French led by William Duke of Normandy. The winner would be rewarded with the crown of England. The significance of this to the English is that it is the last time a foreign power invaded and conquered England.

Why English is so important language now a days?

English has emerged as the business and connecting language around the world. Without the knowledge of English it is very difficult to survive in the business and corporate sectors. I also connects people all around the world to communicate with each other. English is the only language which can serve this purpose. And so English is a very important language now a days.

Why is Saint George so important to the English people?

he stood up against the persecution of christians. he mainly got killed for doing what was right...

Why Learning English is not so easy?

Learning english is not easy...In fact ,with many reasons ,it becomes difficult for you.first,,without passion it's hard to learn it.second,,without patience we can hardly practice it regularly..............

What is sos mi hermano in english?

You are my brother (dialectal informal singular) Be careful: "Sos mi hermano" is not the same as "sois mi hermano", for the second expression refers to "you" formal singular in classical Spanish.

Why is English so widespread?

English has become what is known as a "Lingua Franca". A Lingua Franca is a language which is common used as a second language in order to facilitate communication. There have been many lingua francas in the history of the world including French, Koine Greek, Latin, Aramaic, and Sanskrit. In order to become a lingua franca, there has to be an element of prestige associated with the language which would make people want to learn it and use it. This prestige normally comes about due to colonization, conquest, religion or economic factors. The current prestige associated with the English language came about because of two factors. The first was the based on the number of nations the British colonized prior to World War II. The second was a result of the economic power wielded around the globe by the United States after World War II. Currently, it is economically beneficial for people in many nations to learn the English language. When asked why, they will often say it is the "language of business". As an aside, it should be noted that no language has ever lasted as a permanent lingua franca. At some point, many languages lose the prestige they once held and people choose a new language to speak. In fact, if you look at the list above, many of the previous lingua franca are no longer even spoken except by the few scholars who took the time to learn them.

Why is English so difficult to spell?

The English language is very difficult to spell sometimes, becausewe have so many influences from other languages. Remember the "Ibefore E except after C" rule? Well more words break that rule thanfollow it. What about other words like yacht, Wednesday, gnome, andknife. They aren't spelled like they sound. Why aren't they spelledyawt, Wensday, nome, and nife? The reason is that English spelling was mostly standardized about600 years ago when English was Middle English, not Modern English.

Why is time so important and why is it so important to be on time?

it is so important because it's rude not to be on time. unless your Persian cause its fasionable to be late in the persian comunity

Why was the glorious revolution so important to English history?

It marked the end of the absolute monarchy in England, and set the stage for parimentary government.

What is the important of English?

English is a language by which we communicate. Saying that English isn't important is like saying all the other languages aren't important either. It is the second most common language (after Chinese), and the one of the easiest languages to learn. Since it is so common in so many countries, it is important in the world of business, and also, America, which uses English as it's dominant language, appeals to so many people in the world, that it is probably good for you to learn English if you ever wish to go there. And, not to be rude, but if English is important, it is also important to spell and capitalize correctly. Also to know some grammar 'What is the importance of English?'

List two reasons why The Canterbury Tales are so important in the study of English literature?

1) the first to write well in Middle English 2) the first to achieve fame using the English vernacular or commonlanguage

Why is English so important for you?

1. You spelled important wrong. 2. It is important for me because I speak it, and so do you. It is a way of communicating.

Why is the English on WikiAnswers so bad?

Some people are lazy and some people just don't know how to spell and write correctly.

Why was defeat so important to Spanish so important for England?

When the British defeated the Spanish Armada, they established themselves as the World's dominate navy.

Why are English teachers so mean?

Because they want you to learn while you're in school so you will know what to do when you get older and not have problems with reading and comprehending.

Are there Koalas at the NY Bronx Zoo If so when did they get there?

Yes, the Bronx Zoo in New York has a koala bear. It arrived at thezoo in May of 2011.

What was so important of the movie titantic so important?

because it was based off a huge tragedy that happened 100 years ago....the movie was just another thing that Hollywood milked to get money......why is it so popular because it was making people cry and it was sad, not because of the plot but the acting and the music was tear-jerking for the audience. Take those two factors out and it would be another love story that was based off of a horrible and surprising tragedy in history. hope this helped :)

What does so sabe mean in English?

sabe means to know, el sabe is he knows, this may be spanglish as in ; I told him so sabe.

Is so fun correct English?

'So fun' would be correct in most instances. For example, ' It was so fun'.

Why are German and English so close?

English and German both have the same root language, Indo Germanic. Anglo Saxon invaders brought the language to Britain. The difference (and why English is confused as a Latin derivative) is the Norman conquest which introduced many French words, mostly adjectives. Most common words are directly Germanic still though.

How did ny become an English colony?

King Charles the second gave his brother,James, New york. James later settled new york and gave himself the title of "duke of york"

Why was standardizing English so important to the puritans?

not a clue can someone please write a answer cause i need it fast :) many thanks

Why are the English so superior?

The English are not superior. No one culture is superior to the other. Every culture has it's pros and cons. For example, the African culture. Many may be poor, but they have such a dated culture, and history.

Why is the Norman Conquest of 1066 so important to us as you read English literature?

If I remember correctly, the Norman invasion brought French words to England, and caused the eventual switch from Old English to Middle/more modern English.

Why are plants so important so the world?

Because like a plant is a tree and trees produce oxegen so without them we will die

What was the English Bill of rights and why was it so important?

The English bill of rights was an important document. It listed the first 10 amendments to the united states constitution. It was created to list the natural rights of liberty in order to keep justice. Without it, we probably, as a state, would not be in order right now, and there would be mayhem. -6th grade, straight A student