Why was NY so important to the English?

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Why is the English Bill of Rights so important?

The English Bill of Rights are so important because they protectour freedoms and liberties from the government. If there were noBill of Rights, then the government would do wh

Why was the English Channel so important to the allies?

It is the crossing point between England and France. The D-Day landings happened n the beaches of France, and the troops would have got there by the English Channel. - and d

Why is the Oxford English Dictionary so important?

At 22 volumes, it is simply the most comprehensive English dictionary there is, with quotes going back to at least the 7th century (that I'm aware of). It is also the most com
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What was the English Bill of rights and why was it so important?

The English bill of rights was an important document. It listed the first 10 amendments to the united states constitution. It was created to list the natural rights of liberty