Why was Sudan divided into south Sudan and Sudan?

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Because there was injustices ruling of the Country since 1956 Independent date coupled with the imposition of the Islamic Saria Law forced on the Chritian south and continueis rule by Arabic Ethnic groups.
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Where is Sudan?

Sudan is in Northern Africa to the South of Egypt, West of Ethiopia, East of Chad, and Northeast of Uganda and Northwest of KenyaSudan is located on the northern part of Africa. It boarders SouthSudan, Ethiopia, Eritrea , Red Sea and Egypt.

Who is the President of Sudan?

Omar Hassan Ahmad al-Bashir is the President of Sudan. On 1989 June 30, al-Bashir led the army in a coup deposing then President Al-sayyid Ahmad Al-Mirghani and Prime Minister Sadiq al-Mahdi. He became Chairman of the Revolutionary Command Council for National Salvation and took most of the po (MORE)

What is the Sudan?

Sudan is a country in North East Africa. It is the largest country by area on the African continent, although large parts of it are uninhabitable. It is also very cultral and should be called Sudan and not the Sudan.

What are facts about Sudan?

· Sudan is the largest country in Africa. It borders nine countries - Egypt, Eritrea, Ethiopia, Kenya, Uganda, Democratic Republic of Congo, Central African Republic, Chad, and Libya - and has a coastline on the Red Sea in the north-east. · Sudan's rainy season lasts for about three months (Ju (MORE)

Where in Africa is Sudan?

Northeast to be more precise it is on the left of Ethiopia and right under Egypt. If you have trouble looking for it on a map it is the biggest country in Africa and the 10th biggest in the world.

Who is fighting in Sudan?

The main fighting in Sudan has always been between the dominantArab Muslim and the Black African christian and animist in thesouth. After Independence, the first civil war starting in 1955 andending in 1972 when the south was given greater autonomy, but asecond civil war broke out in 1983 mainly bec (MORE)

Why is Sudan poor?

Unfortunately, the Sudan has a deeply entrenched poverty. Much ofit is associated with the Sudan's farmers not having the means toimplement modern farming methods. Farmers rely solely on rain fedcrops, and are, therefore, at a great disadvantage during times ofdrought. In addition to the lack of mod (MORE)

What is Sudan test?

A Sudan Test is a test being developed by scientist. (It mostly involves biology) For your information; Biology is got to do with humans(genes) And animals.. edited: 21 November 2009. Sudan (III) is used to identify the presence of lipids in liquids, it stains fat cells red.

Who is famous in Sudan?

Many people, I imagine. Among them is the presidet, Omar al-Bashir, who was indicted by the International Criminal Court last year because of his crimes during the civil war in the country and now faces severe limitations in traveling outside Sudan.

What is south of Sudan?

The newly formed state of South Sudan is found to the south ofSudan. Previously Sudan was a single country - see related questions

Why South Sudan wants independence?

The broad answer to that question is that Sudan and its southern half just don't have enough in common. For instance, the north is primarily Arabic in culture, whereas the south is tribal black animists.

Is South Sudan a state?

South Sudan is a sovereign state (country) and a member of theUnited Nations. Thus it depends on what you mean by a state. Theterm can mean an independent country, in which case the answer isyes, or a subdivision of a larger country, like Uttar Pradesh inIndia, in which case it's no.

Is south Sudan a new nation?

Potentially..... Southern Sudan just had a referendum (part of the 2005 Peace agreement) to decide whether the province will become its own nation. The results of this referendum will be released later this month and if the majority of the votes are for succession, Southern Sudan could become its ow (MORE)

When will South Sudan become a country?

South Sudan is scheduled to become the newest country on 9 July 2011. South Sudan (officially the Republic of South Sudan ), on 9 July 2011 at 12:01 a.m. local time, became independent from Sudan.

Does Sudan have a nickname?

Azza is the nickname of Sudan. The name came from a famous poem byKhalil Farah in 1930's. Khalil Farah is poet, singer, and songwriter.

What is the national anthem of South Sudan?

Ocean man, take me by the hand, lead me to the land that you understand Ocean man, the voyage to the corner of the globe is a real trip Ocean man, the crust of a tan man imbibed by the sand Soaking up the thirst of the land Ocean man, can you see through the wonder of amazement at the oberman Ocean (MORE)

Will South Sudan join the Arab league?

Nobody has a crystal ball, so it is impossible to say for certain any outcome will occur. However, given that South Sudan wants little, if anything to do with Sudan and the other Arab States, has already ceded full recognition to Israel and does not recognize Palestine, and has made it clear that it (MORE)

How many tribes are in south Sudan?

They are a total of 64 South Sudanese tribes Acholi Adio (Makaraka) Aja Anyuak (Anyuaa) Atuot (Reel) Avukaya Azande Bai Baka Balanda-Boor Balanda-Bviri Banda Bari Binga Bongo Didinga Dinka (Jieng) Dongotona Feroghe Gollo Ifoto Imatong Indri Jiye Jur (Beli & Modo) Jurchol (Luo) Kakwa Kara Keliku Ku (MORE)

What is the climate in South Sudan?

the climate is generally hot and wet. between the months of December to April is dry and extremely hot especially in the central equatorial, from may to November is it the time when farmers farm and the harvest is done during this period of time. the heavy rains are experienced at this time. now the (MORE)

Why did south Sudan want to seced from Sudan?

There have been tensions between both parts for many years. I think the main reasons were that most Northern Sudanese speak Arabic and are Muslims, while the Southerners were mainly either Christians or believe traditional African beliefs, and are poorer than those in the North. Furthermore, the cul (MORE)

What is the telephone country code for South Sudan?

South Sudan is country code +211. (The plus sign means "insert your international access prefix here." From a GSMmobile phone, you can enter the number in full internationalformat, starting with the plus sign. The most common prefix is 00 , but NorthAmerica (USA, Canada, etc.) uses 011 , Japan u (MORE)

How many countries border South Sudan?

6 countries border South Sudan. From North clockwise. . Sudan . Ethiopia . Kenya . Uganda . Democratic Republic of the Congo . Central Africa Republic.

Is south Sudan a democracy?

South Sudan could still be regarded as Democracy but the country's fledgling democracy has fared just as badly, too bad for the people

Where can one travel to South Sudan?

Juba is one of the major cities in South Sudan. It would be a good starting place for travels in South Sudan. Be advised that there is very little security in South Sudan and there is fighting there on occasion.

What does the flag of South Sudan mean?

The flag of Southern Sudan was adopted following the signing of the Comprehensive Peace Agreement that ended the second Sudanese civil war. The flag was previously used as the flag of the Sudan People's Liberation Movement. The flag is similar to the Flag of Kenya with the addition of a blue triangl (MORE)

Is Sudan in the north or south?

Sudan (Arabic : السودان‎ as-Sūdān i /suːˈdæn/ or /suːˈdɑːn/ ; [9] ), officially the Republic of the Sudan [10] (Arabic : جمهورية السودان‎ Jumhūrīyat as-Sūdān ), is an Arab repu (MORE)

Are there bears in Sudan?

There are no bears in Sudan. In fact, no bears live in Africa. Until the 1870s, there was a subspecies of brown bear called the Atlas Bear that lived in Morocco, in North Africa, but it is now extinct.

What is the capital of south Sudan(north)?

South Sudan is bordered by Sudan to the north. Khartoum is thecapital and largest city of Sudan. Juba is the capital and largestcity of the Republic of South Sudan. South Sudan is the world'snewest country. South Sudan declared independence from Sudan onJuly 9, 2011.

Is south sudans capital juba?

Yes. Juba is the capital and largest city of the Republic of SouthSudan, a landlocked country in East-Central Africa.