Why was the country Jordan named Jordan?

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There is a river that's runs between modern day Palestine/Israel and modern day Jordan. That river was called since Ancient Times Al- Urdon. When the Romans conquered that area they translated Al Urdon into Latin and soon afterward that area became known like that. When the name was finally translated into English through many languages it was Jordan. The area was known as Transjordan for it was nothing but a desert. When the country was established it became known as Jordan.
Jordan, the country, was named after the river of Jordan which lies between it & Palestine.
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Where is Jordan?

Jordan is located in Southwest Asia. Jordan is south of Syria, westof Iraq and Saudi Arabia, east of Israel, and north of the Gulf ofAqabah. It spreads from the Syrian Desert down to the Gulf ofAqabah.

When was the country Jordan founded?

In 1922, the area that included modern Jordan was established called the Emirate of Transjordan. (It was semi-autonomous.) . In 1946 on May 25th it became the independent Hashemite Kingdom of Transjordan.. In 1950, the country was renamed the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan . A link is provided to (MORE)

Gaelic name for Jordan?

If a surname of English origin it would remain the same. If a surname of Irish origin it would be Mac Siurtáin (son of Siurtán, Jordan), a Gaelic name assumed by the d'Exeter family.

What countries border or touch Jordan?

Let me see here;. 1) Syria. 2) Iraq. 3) Saudi Arabia and. 4) Israel. Oh yeah, almost forgot. 5) Lebanon; I thought there wasn't a border there because Syria closed it off or something but apparently there is.. http://www.lib.utexas.edu/maps/middle_east_and_asiajordan_rel_2004.jpg

What countries border Jordan?

The Dead Sea also takes up a portion of Jordan's boundaries. Thename may sound scary, but it is one of the saltiest waters in theworld and you can float in it with out even trying. It is a tourist attraction if you ever want to visit Jordansomeday. Palestine/Israel to the west. Syria to the north. I (MORE)

What are facts about Jordan the country?

The capital City of Jordan is Amman. Jordan has a population ofaround 6 million people, about 2 million of them in Amman. Jordanis 96,188 square kilometers in size.Jordan has one of the 7 wondersof the world within it, Petra. It has part of the dead sea, whichis the lowest point on earth and so salt (MORE)

What does the country Jordan look like?

The country of Jordan is irregularly shaped and is neither squareor rectangular. The country is bordered by Syria, Israel, Iraq, andSaudi Arabia. There are so many places to visit like Petra, WadiRum, Masada, Dead sea etc.

Were is Jordan?

Jordan is an Arab country in the middle east. It is surrounded bySyria, Iraq, Saudi Arabia and the West Bank/Israel. Jordan islocated in Southwest Asia. Jordan is south of Syria, west of Iraqand Saudi Arabia, east of Israel, and north of the Gulf of Aqabah.It spreads from the Syrian Desert down to t (MORE)

What is a Jordan?

Michael Jeffrey Jordan ( born February 17, 1963 ) is a retired American professional basketball player and active businessman. His biography on the National Basketball Association (NBA) website states, " By acclamation, Michael Jordan is the greatest basketball player of all time. " Jordan was one o (MORE)

What country is east of Jordan River?

Syria is east of the northern part of the Jordan River and Jordan is east of the Jordan River from the southern end of Lake Kinneret (Sea of Galilee)

What country did the name Jordan come from?

The country is not named after a country it is named after the river, which serves as a natural border between Israel and Jordan. All told though, if you are expecting to be as impressive as the Amazon, Nile or Mississippi, forget it; the Jordan river is one of the most unimpressive famous rivers in (MORE)

Is the country of Jordan considered a Muslim country?

Yes, Jordan is a country with a Muslim majority (95%). However, Jordan is not an Islamist country, that is to say that Jordan does not embrace Islam in politics like Iran and Saudi Arabia do. The King of Jordan is one of the Secular Kings of the Middle East, similar to the King of Morocco.

Jordan is bordered by which countries?

certainly israel syria Iraq & Saudi Arabia but Jordan also shares at least hypothetically an often overlooked sea border with Egypt in the gulf of aqaba & tho jordans border with the west bank aka palestine is questionable because palestine is not really a country & because israel not palest (MORE)

What sort of food do they have in Jordan the country?

All kinds of Mediterranean foods. Falafel, hummus, tabooleh... you name it. Jordan has a rich mix of people: Arab, Circassian and Armenian backgrounds. The traditional Bedouin dish is Mansaf, which is sheep meat served with ghee cooked rice with saffron to give it a distincitve yellow color and f (MORE)

Is Jordan a rich or poor country?

Jordan has the 89th largest economy in the world and is on the rich side of the list. However GDP per capita in Jordan is about US$5,000 below world average, so per capita Jordan is poor.

What country colonized Jordan?

The United Kingdom colonized and controlled Jordan from 1921 to1946. Prior to 1946 the country was known as the Transjordan.

How do people in the country Jordan have fun?

Well there are a lot of venues especially in the region of Western Amman (Starbucks, Gerrard, Blue Fig, Gloria Jeans... many others), there are 4 major malls in Amman and many minor ones, there are 2 major Sports cities (Venues with huge football fields, lots of basketball courts and cafes), there a (MORE)

Is Jordan a common name?

yes, Jordan, (there are many ways of spelling that name), is a common name. though more so for boys, it can be for girls too.

How long has Jordan been a country?

The Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan came into existence on 24 April 1950 when the state of Transjordan united with the Arab section of Palestine.

What can you do in Jordan?

Jordan is a wonderful country. you can go and check out some amazing historic buildings like Petra and Jerash. Also, you have to try their tradional food which is Mansaf. Go check in in their big hotels. If you wanna swim, you should go and visit the dead sea or aqaba. Go shopping in their new and b (MORE)

Is it hot or cold in the country of Jordan?

It depends on what part of Jordan you're talking about. In general, though, it is of the colder countries in the Middle East. In Amman the capital (in my area which is relatively high), in winter, we have an average of 5-7 degrees Celsius at day, and 1-3 degrees Celsius at night. In the midst of s (MORE)

What names have country Jordan been called in the past?

In terms of historic names for what is now the country of Jordan, it is worth noting that Jordan had never been exactly circumscribed as unified territory before 1922; it was pieces and parcels of different states and therefore the names may refer to only partial regions of the country. Many conside (MORE)

What are the basic jobs in the country of Jordan?

Basic jobs are the same no matter what country you are referring to. Such things as the supply of utilities (water and power etc) and services (medical and safety etc) are the same all over the world.

Is Jordan a secular country?

Yes. Although Jordan has a ministry of religious affairs, but the influence of this ministry is limited. Jordan always had Christian members of the cabinet and sometimes they were prime ministers.

What is the telephone country code for Jordan?

Jordan is country code +962 . When calling from outside Jordan, you must drop the trunk prefix '0' from the beginning of the Jordanian number. For example, Amman's area code 06 becomes +962 6. Mobile numbers begin with +962 7. (The plus sign means "insert your international access prefix (MORE)

Where is the country Jordan located?

Jordan is located in the Middle East. It is surrounded by Saudi Arabia on its southern and eastern borders, Iraq to the northeast, Syria on the north, and Israel to the west. It has a longitude of between 35å¡ E and 40å¡ E and latitudes between 29å¡ N and 34å¡ N.

Why is Jordan a nondemocratic country?

Because - 1. The king rules over the country. 2. No elections are held in this country. 3. People don't have the right to vote. 4. Women don't have equal rights.