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Why would a narcissist let you ignore him?

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  • He probably wants to call and contact you but absolutely will not crumble and make the first move.
  • He has another source of supply and doesn't need you as a source any longer (especially since you have become a source of narcissistic injury - negative supply). There are many types of sources of narcissistic supply - females are only one of them. Career, material possessions, celebrity, friends, even pets - are ample sources of supply.
  • Narcissists are very difficult to "know" and to predict - unless you have spent the big part of your life studying them and their victims. That's precisely why they have a constant supply of victims - they are "not fully human" and thus not fully knowable.
  • A narcissist would let you ignore them because they do not want you anymore. It is hard for them to actually let go of you forever so expect a phone call etc six months later but act nonchalant - if you let on that you still may love them then they know that they can use you when they feel like it.
  • Many reasons. Could be he has found another victim. Could be he wants you to beg and is showing you that you ignoring him does not bother him. Remember these types are about control cause they know they are useless. Could be he is trying to figure out what would bother you and its working.
  • The remark above about how he could be hoping you beg him really resonates with my experience. Some of these people play a very hard game and are willing to wait, especially if they have some other source of supply currently going on. And they always have alternative sources ready. The new source may not be in your category; i.e., could be a new activity, and new lover of a different sexual orientation and therefore exciting (also dangerous), involvement in professional goals, etc. Maybe he wants you to be "on the shelf" but still available if/when he wants you. I understand that is often their behavior. Be alert and don't be surprised if he contacts you when you are not expecting it. Have your attitude ready and be primed to slide out of this thing again--he'll be even more hurtful and dangerous next time.
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