Why would the water in a swimming pool or lake feel warm when the air outside is cool?

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Water molecules and heat It takes longer to heat or cool water than for air. The water was probably warm from being heated by the sun all day, and so was the air. But in the evening or when there is a cloud cover, the air cools more rapidly than the water, hence the observed difference and conflict. Likewise, water that sits in the cold all night long (or for several days) stays cold for a long time, even during the first few hot days where the air is warm.
ADDITIONAL NOTE ABOUT POOLS When you jump out of a swimming pool, the water molecules on the surface of your body escape with whatever body heat you had while in the pool. Water is an excellent conductor of heat (as opposed to an insulator) so it steals heat from your body. So you feel colder out of the pool right after you come out.
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