Why would you receive an electric shock when you touch the chromework and one particular stove element when it is energized?

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YOU have become a conductor. In simple terms: If you touch an energized circuit wire (hot) with one hand, and something metal (that is grounded) with the other hand....ZZAAP!  Your stove likely isn't grounded properly. The socket for that particular element is probably leaking current to the chassis as well.
Check your outlet and the cord for proper grounding, replace the socket for that element, and trace the wiring for that element back to the switch to make sure it's not chaffed.
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No. The heating element is encased in clay, which will fracture and allow the element to touch the casing, causing a short to earth.

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Check the manual that came with the stove. The elements lift and slide out in the same motion in a direction 180 degrees from where the wires are connect to the element.
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