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Will Maryland extradite for unpaid child support?

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No, it is not necessary as child support orders are recognized in all US states. That being the case whatever steps are needed to collect the monies owed can be done by the child enforcement division in the state where the obligated parent currently resides, is employed and/or owns property.
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Can you be extradited for nonpayment of child support?

It is highly unlikely that such action would be taken. Generally  what occurs is the non custodial obligated parent will be denied a  driver's license, state ID, or licensin

Can adults sue their parents for unpaid child support?

No. Child support is owed to the custodial parent. The right to collect child support belongs to the custodial parent, not the child, even after the child is an adult they c

Is unpaid child support a felony in Michigan?

Yes, under Michigan law, MCL 750.165, failure to pay child support when due and owing is a felony. Every month a payment is missed, a felony is committed and may be charged if

What states extradite for child support?

All states will extradite for child support depending on the amount owed. Basically, if it's worth it for the state to do it they will. If it costs more to have you extradited

Will Florida extradite for Michigan child support?

The US Constitution requires every State to honor the extradition requests of every other State. To answer your question, YES it is possible for Florida to extradite to Michig
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Maryland child support groups for fathers?

You need to run a web search for Maryland Fathers rights. Be careful in that often attorneys set up these sites for the sole purpose of getting clients. There should be a limi
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Can Florida extradite from Missouri for back child support?

In theory yes, in practice it would not be necessary. All U.S.  states and commonwealths honor and enforce domestic child support  orders regardless of the state in which it