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Will a metal detector detect gold?

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Yes, metal detectors detect gold but there are different detectors that are optimized for different types of gold. Jewelry, coins and other large amounts will be found easily by all purpose metal detectors. Gold detectors are designed for finding gold in the raw - flakes, tiny nuggets or deposits in highly mineralized soil.
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Can you find a gold ring with a metal detector?

Since gold is a metal (precious) you can of course detect it with a metal detector. But only if it isn't tuned to ignore gold. since every metal has a different phase response

Does a metal detector detect silver?

If you are talking about metal detector that you buy as a hobby for finding things then yes of course it will. But security metal detectors are adjusted so they aren't usually

Do metal detectors find gold?

Yes they can. Metal is like gold.

How do you get your mobile phone through a metal detector with out it getting detected?

Ok, so I pretty much go to a school in Virginia for all the misfits, honestly. They don't allow cell phones of any kind & we also have an airport scanner that shows what's ins