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Will god forgive someone who has killed?

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Yes, of course God forgives everyone and everything at all times,but you have to forgive yourself and others,but that does not give you the oppourtunity to kill anybody never one of the ten 10 commenments is thou shall not kill. Be safe and make good desicions bye !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Will God forgive someone who has killed?
If forgiving were simply a matter of God kindly forgetting a wrong someone has committed there would have been no reason for Jesus to have been tortured and then crucified on a cross.
God Cannot Simply Forgive! God's problem? Believe it or not, God has a problem. God does love us. God wants a relationship with us. But His justice demands that as sinners we must be judged. Unfortunately, according to scripture it is written "the wages of sin is death." So how can God pour out His love on us if we are dead? Something must be done about our sin.
Sin Must be Put Away. God's justice requires that sin be put away. This can be done one of two ways. Either the sinner can die, OR another die for the sinner. A sacrifice.
How Bad is Sin? From our perspective it is hard to grasp just how much of an offense sin is against God. But we can get a feeling for what God thinks about sin by the penalty He demands. In the OT, if the actual sinner was to be protected from the death penalty, God required the sacrifice a spotless lamb for sin. Why such a drastic penalty? It's hard to know why. But we have to trust that sin must be so offensive to God that He requires the death of the offender OR a spotless, innocent lamb - in order to set things right. What is it that gets "set right?" Our relationship with God. We do sin. God knows that. But He doesn't excuse it. He judges it. He judges us. But He allows that a sacrifice be performed to save us from death and renew our relationship with Himself.
Only a Temporary Sacrifice :-( Unfortunately, this sacrifice was temporary and only applied to a specific sin or for period of time when a person has committed sin. So what do we do? Sacrifice, sacrifice again, and again and again?
There must be a better way. Think about it. You want to be with God. But you sin. Then you perform a sacrifice. You sin again. Another sacrifice. What effect does this have on your relationship with God?
I don't know about you, but for me these repeated sacrifices would be a sad reminder, time after time, that I couldn't measure up to God's requirements. I would probably stop wanting to relate to God because even though the sacrifice made things OK, my conscience would constantly be reminded of the fact that I'm a sinner.
A Better Way This is where Jesus comes in. By Christ's sacrifice our sin is put away once and for all. Your sin, my sin, everyone's sin. Which sins? All of them. Those committed after believing in Him? Of course! When did Jesus die for you? Two thousand years ago. So, at that time, all your sins were in the future. God has no problem dealing with sins not yet committed. That's how powerful and permanent the blood of Jesus is in putting away sin.
Only the eternal Son of God could serve as an eternal sacrifice. Are we sure God has accepted Jesus' sacrifice? Yes! We know for sure because God raised Jesus from the dead and Christ now stands at the right hand of God. Once and for all Jesus took away the offense and now God is free to love us as He has always wanted to do so.
So, God will forgive sin, even murder, because of what Jesus did? Yes, and no. There is one requirement in order to enjoy a permanent relationship with God (even though we have sinned).
We Must Believe Keep in mind that the loving bond between the Father and the Son of God is stronger than anything you might imagine. The love and respect they have for one another is infinite. God did not take lightly the death of His Son. It was the most grave and significant even in time and eternity. If there had been any other way for God to remain just and still have a loving relationship with man He most certainly would have found it. But there was none. What God wants from a sinful man or woman is to show the utmost respect for His Son and what His Son did on that cross. How do we do that? God wants us to trust Him, that the death His Son suffered was good enough to save us. When we finally do trust God then God declares us saved, and free forever from the death we otherwise would have been required to endure. It's that simple.
So, will God forgive someone who has killed?
YES. The forgiveness comes through trusting what God's Son has done for him through sacrifice.
Is there anything else? Yes, one more thing. The killer, or any sinner, must also realize that this person who was sacrificed for this sin is alive and is waiting for the killer to come to Him as he trusts in that sacrifice.
Jesus is not a dead sacrifice. Jesus is alive, waiting for killers, or for anyone else who wants a relationship with Him to come and believe.
This is how God will forgive someone who has killed.
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