Will iPhone 5 have micro sd slot?

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Micro sd card?

Please put your question in a complete sentence. What do you want to know about a Micro sd card?. Whenever i try to load music onto my micro sd card it displays an error message saying "cannot copy, the device is not ready." How do i stop it doint this so i can upload music?

How do you format a micro sd card?

The quickest way would be to insert microSD card into an SD adapter, plug it into some card reader, then stick it into the comp and use regular "format it" command from whitin windows explorer (right click onto memory card and select format...)

Where is the sd slot on the computer?

Not all computers have an SD card slot. On a desktop, if equipped with one, it will be found on the front panel, near the USB ports. On a laptop, it will usually be on one of the sides.

What is a micro sd adapter?

if do you mean the adapter to PC, it's a card with a hole, that you put into the micro sd card, and now you have "SD" card (or "SDHC"), then you can put it into http://wiki.answers.com/Q/What_is_micro_sd_adapter# or PC .

How do you reset a micro SD card?

To reset a micro SD card, simply reformat the card. This can bedone in the settings menu of mobile devices or the options menu ofmost computers.

How do you remove micro sd password?

How do you remove write protection from a micro SD card with transflash adapter? There are solutions (see below) It seems different people are having different issues with write protection on the MicroSD card. These range from total inability to read from or write to it, re-formatting, to selectiv (MORE)

What is the root of a micro sd card?

its the actual microSD card as in you click on the 'removable disk' from my computer or whatever and that's the root of the micro sd card. you don't go into any other folders or anything

Is there an sd slot on windows XP?

Assuming you mean SD in the photo memory card sense, then it's hardware, not software or Operating System (like XP or Vista). In other words, there's either one on your PC or not, probably not, I've never heard of it. You can get memory card readers or just use the connecting cable that shoul've com (MORE)

Remove password micro SD?

thing u need ( WARNING : when u do this you will lose everything on the micro sd ) 1.your blocked micro sd 2. a nokia n95 (i used this) put your blocked microsd into the n95 go to file directory choose the memmory card and format it when its done you can use it again

How do you get music on your micro sd card?

Follow these instructions to transfer music to micro sd card: 1. Start by inserting the Micro-SD card into the SD adapter. 2. Insert the SD adapter into the card reader. Now, if the card reader has multiple slots then it is important to find the slot that is compatible with your Micro-SD card and a (MORE)

Does the dimension 5150 have a sd slot?

\nmy 5150 does have a sd slot, in fact it has a 6 in 1 reader. This was part of Dell's EU sales bundle when they released the 5150 so the one you're looking at should have too

What is a formatted micro sd?

When you format a hard drive or memory device, you clear EVERYTHINGoff it and update it and reformat it. That puts a new filesystem onthe device, deleting any old one. In the case of flash memory,formatting physically erases the contents to make it able to be bewritten to again.

Do mac minis have SD slots?

No, they do not, the solutions are to either get a USB Card Reader, or if a Camera, connect it & use Image Capture in Applications. BDAqua

What is a SD card slot?

a sd card slot is a slot where you put a memory card.Usually when you are about to put some sort of memory onto something.Sd cards are usually found in digital cameras, or some cell phones, like if i were to use a sd card on a wii it would be mostly used to put pictures on it or transfer files onto (MORE)

What is the default password of micro sd?

Guys I have tried everything standard: 0000 00000 1234 12345 54321 4321 even my last four digits of my cell but nothing worked until i tried one last thing: On my phone I have a function LOCK PHONE VIA SMS this is default program on the Nokia phones. In case if I loose my phone I will send text mess (MORE)

How do you get a game on a micro SD card?

Well without more additional information I can't be very specific for your answer. If you have the game file on your computer than you will need to have a micro SD adapter and plug it in. Then copy the file over. Usually micro SD's are used for phones so I am going to assume you are talking about a (MORE)

Do PS3 have sd card slots?

yes they do like the more expensive ones or they stoped makeing them if u go to wikipedia and research ps3 that can tell u about them

Does a Mac have an SD Card slot?

All macs have SD card slots, other than the 11'' macbook air. However, one can purchase a USB - SD converter that does the same task.

What is the sd card slot used for?

Secure Digital (SD) is a memory card developed by Matsushita, SanDisk, and Toshiba for use in portable devices which allows you to store images, audio, and other files for use in mp3 players, camcorders, and cell phones.

What is the purpose of an SD card slot?

SD cards are a form of solid-state removable storage. This means that they retain their data when turned off and have no moving parts. SD card slots are used so that you can easily add and remove them from a device, and to access them on a personal computer later.

Where is the sd card slot on the tower?

On a tower computer which is not a particular brand I am aware of there is no specific SD slot. You can get a Multi media drive that installed in one of the drive bays in your tower computer or get a USB SD CARD adapter. also some printers and LCD displays come with multimedia card slots.

On a Toshiba where is the sd slot?

It would depend on what model toshiba. Some may not have a slot for a memory card at all. Check the owner's manual either in print or on-line from tobshiba

Can you get a sd card out a Wii slot?

Of course you can, it's easy. After putting the SD card in the wii slot, just push the card with your finger again and half of with will come out. For the rest just pull with your hand, you see it's that simple dude..

How do you format Micro-SD?

You need a micro sd adapter, which is a regular sd card with a slot so you can plug in the micro sd, so you can then attach it to your computer or laptop and format it(my computer-->right click on the card --->format)

What is a micro sd?

A micro SD is a smaller version of the well known SD card. It is mostly used in modern cameras and camcorders. The storage goes from 1 to 32 GB.

What is a micro sd on Motorola phones for?

people use them to have more storage like i you got a song on itunes then you drag it to your music file on your phone in your computer take out the sd and put it in your phone or i you take alot of pictures then you can store them on that and directly import them into your computer

Where can you get a free micro SD card?

There are no free SD cards that are just given out unless you checklists like Craigslist. To order one it's best to check onlinestores like BestBuy, Ebay, or Amazon. You can probably even orderan SD from wherever you purchased your device.

How do you make an micro SD WORK?

You have to make sure that the micro SD is the right one for yourdevice. You might want to take it to a phone center if you needhelp.

What are sd card and micro sd card?

Secure Digital (SD) is a non-volatile memory card format developed by the SD Card Association (SDA) for use in portable devices. Micro SD is a physically smaller version.

What is SD micro card adapter?

SD memory cards come in two sizes - Standard ad micro. Standard cards are found in things like Digital cameras, while the micro version is usually found in mobile phones. Micro SD cards are usually shipped with an adaptor so you can use it in either type of device. You slot the micro SD card into th (MORE)

What is the capacity of a micro SD card?

There are micro SD cards available from 2GB to 32GB. 32GB is the max that can be obtained on a micro SD card. Micro SD cards are available for digital cameras, etc.

What is the purpose of a micro SD reader?

Micro SD cards are used in many phones and PDA's to add additional storage to a device. These cards are so small, they do not fit into many built in card readers available on many computers. Micro SD card readers plug into the usb port and allow a user to read information from the micro SD card.