Will the fan run during the heat cycle on a heat pump?

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Yes both indoor and outdoor fans will operate, the only time 1 will stop in heat mode is in defrost the outdoor one stops briefly to defrost better,
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Can dogs breed during heat cycle?

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How long should a furnace run during a typical heating cycle?

I just installed a propane furnace, I don't know what kind you have, but mine runs about 9 minutes. Depending on the draft or air movement around the thermostat and coolness a

How do you use a defrost cycle to remove the ice from the outdoor unit of a heat pump when the heat is running?

Heat pumps have a defrost provision built in to the outdoor unit. This may be a mechanical timer on older units. Newer units use an electric/ electronic system. If you are ask

Why is my Heat fan in home not running?

when I turn the heat on nothing happens. But when I cut it to yhe on switch the fan runs. Could it be the fuse are a blown cicurit. And yes my AC works fine.
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What would cause a heat pump condenser fan to run hot?

Check the run capacitor, if defective, can cause the fan motor to run hot and stops till cools off, on n off. And the sound is a little different while running, it is hard on
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