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Will the undertaker come back as a biker?

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No unfortunatly the WWE was losing ratings, so the Undertaker decided to come back as the 'Dead Man' to help the WWE. Mark Calaway said he would like to finish the WWE the same way he first entered it and his career is coming to a close. Unfortunatly the Undertaker will never be a biker again
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Why was undertaker a biker in the WWE?

He's a biker in real life! I think he, and some other people, just wanted a change from the Dead man persona. I, personally, think it was awesome, specifically his theme s

When will The Undertaker be back to WWE?

It is predicted he will make his return to WWE at Night of Champions and he will tag team with Chris Jericho as the as either the American bad ass or some type of new alter eg

Why did the Undertaker change from the biker look to the dark evil look?

because bikers are too soft............ but dead people=just right       to be honest the biker was just a waste of all them years he was it .how can he be a biker an

Is undertaker coming back to WWE because he is in WWE alumni?

Yes The Undertaker is coming back to the WWE returning on the Smackdown brand returning as the Phenom just like before he also might be returning to he Raw brand to compete ag

Will you come back?

  NO..once a cheater..always if not a cheater...a wanderer...My ex..now he is an ex. was caught to many times...when i finally left him for good...or should i say i stood

Did undertaker came back from the dead?

it is actually believed that undertaker did come back from the dead and that he was buried alive by his brother kane. But the thing is that although i have started to like wre

Will he come back?

I am deeply in love with my boyfriend of two years. He recently told me he wanted a break and then after a few weeks of mixed messages and a rollercoaster back and forth he en

How does the Undertaker roll his eyes back in his head?

He looks up and keeps rolling them. It takes practice and also puts a lot of pressure on your eyes. I suggest you not do this to yourself . But if you are a wrestler than you

Is The Undertaker coming back to the WWE?

it is predicted he will make his return to WWE at Night of Champions and he will tag team with chris Jericho as the as either the American badass or some type of new alter ego

What is up with the Sons of Anarchy wearing nylon jackets with 3 quarter length sleeves and reapers on the back to Ireland and where did that style come from as it seems pretty gay for outlaw bikers?

The jacket sleeves are actually zippered off in sections (sleeves zip off at shoulder and elbow) not just 3/4. This helps while riding from one climate area to another for for

Is the undertaker coming back as the American badass?

I would love the undertaker to come back as the American badass i thought he was going to at wrestlemania 25 when he went against Shawn michaels but unfortunetly he didn't. Un
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Why did the undertaker gaved up his biker gimmick?

Because his "Big Evil" Gimmick didnt get over well with the crowds,  and it was mainly used during his heel run.. maybe he will come  back after losing the streak in the bik