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Will the undertaker come back as a biker?

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No unfortunatly the WWE was losing ratings, so the Undertaker decided to come back as the 'Dead Man' to help the WWE. Mark Calaway said he would like to finish the WWE the same way he first entered it and his career is coming to a close. Unfortunatly the Undertaker will never be a biker again
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When is undertaker coming back to wwe?

i really don't know but Kane iz finding out who killed his brother the undertaker and if he finds out who did it he will put him or her in a coffin 4 killing hiz bro so i don'

Is The Undertaker coming back to the WWE?

it is predicted he will make his return to WWE at Night of Champions and he will tag team with chris Jericho as the as either the American badass or some type of new alter ego

When is undertaker coming back in 2011?

Undertaker suffer an injury which in turn has cause him to be gone for so long. It has been reported that he is currently going though therapy to get back in the ring. It was