Will you allow a Down syndrome child to live?

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How does Down syndrome affect your child?

Down's syndrome will give your child a total amount of 47 chromosomes in his/her somatic cells as opposed to the normal human who has only 46 chromosomes in his/her somatic ce

Can a Down syndrome child be harmful?

No! They are just as kind and gentle as regular people - in fact they ARE regular people. There is certainly no specific DS characteristic for 'harmful' behaviour. The quest

What is it like to live with Down syndrome?

well it depends on how bad it could be like it could be bad as you can not talk walk or eat and some people have physical training to help them interact better with different

Did Sylvester Stallone have a Down syndrome child?

No. A forceps accident during his birth severed a facial nerve, leaving Stallone with parts of his lip, tongue, and chin paralyzed. In doing so, the accident imprinted Stallon

How can you live with a Down syndrome sister?

in all honesty its probably hard to deal with but you should give her a lot of support and be nice. give her support when she needs it and help her she has a harder time doing

Can Down syndrome live normal?

Downs Syndrome has quite varied impacts on the people it affects. Some are badly affected and need permanent caregivers, others have only a minor affliction and can lead close

What is the likelihood of a downs syndrome person to have a child with downs syndrome?

The likelihood of an individual with down syndrome to conceive a child is extremely rare. There is infertility among both males and females with Down syndrome; males are usual