You failed a probation drug test what happens now?

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I recently failed my Probation Drug Test. I was arrested on December 3rd for possession of less than 2 oz. of Marijuana. In actuality it was less than 2 grams but that doesn't matter. I was placed in jail, posted bond, and was given a court date. The court placed me on a 6 month probation term, mandatory 1-time $50 donation to Crime Stoppers, 24 hours of community service that is over 40 miles across town, attend a Drug and Alcohol Evaluation, and take a Drug Offenders class. A little steep for 2 grams!

I have been using marijuana multiple times a day in small doses for years due to a severe ulcer condition. This chronic use and my 6'6" 270lb. stature caused an inability for THC to rapidly exit my system before my first Probation Drug Test. In reality (which obviously in unknown to the government) the THC could and most likely WOULD stay in my system for 40-65 days or a little over 3 months!

With the anticipation of a failure i took every precaution necessary. Much exercise, lots of water, no greasy or extremely fatty foods, and no THC false positives. (find false positives at

28 days after court and 31 days from my arrest date i was given my first Probation Drug Test. I failed miserably.

WHAT HAPPENS NOW... scared and worried for the entire next month i had to wait to get my answer. Upon my arrival at my next probation meeting i am told that i will not be required to urinate this time around. However, they did want me to sign papers from the judge stating that ANOTHER 6 MONTHS TO BE ADDED to my probation and that i receive a MENTAL EVALUATION by a psychiatrist.

Most often after a marijuana arrest it is assumed by your probation officers and your judge that you will obviously fail your first test. However, any action taken against you after you fail is specifically placed upon you by your judge. My judge is the hardest of hard-asses!

Your PO will try to get to know you. They will ask you tons of questions about your life and characteristics. THEY WRITE DOWN EVERYTHING YOU SAY. Never think that they aren't paying attention. Afterwards they turn in everything to your judge to review.


THE BEST THING TO DO... obviously would be to sustain from drug and alcohol use.
----BUT---- For those who need the drugs for whatever reason, there are many things that can be done.

*ACT AS A "MODEL CITIZEN" IN THE PROBATION OFFICE! ALWAYS! For example: I have a full-time job, a car, an apartment, a fiancee, and i volunteer at my church. (whether its the truth or not, the court leaves me alone now) It's not a hard act to put on, just ACT LIKE IT'S CHURCH and not probation.!

*BE PREPARED! ALWAYS! This means that within the 10 days prior to your next drug test, you should be exercising, drinking tons of water, and no greasy or fatty foods. Whether you use a detox or not these three things will ALWAYS be your biggest advantage in passing. (Detox info will come later)

*LISTEN MORE THAN YOU SPEAK! ALWAYS! This means that it is best to try to not be too informing. Let all your answers and comments be short and to the point. PO's are highly invading into our personal lives and allowing them to do so will directly affect the outcome of every months visit. It is best to try and talk as little as possible while still maintaining a Model Citizen act.

*ALWAYS BE READY TO FAIL! ALWAYS! This is a recent addition to the list of things i try to do for every visit. Always having a good stock of knowledge to assist in your defense is awesome. With a little emotion and a TON of acting upon the news of a failed test it is best to start seeming upset/confused. 15% upset and 85% confusion is a good "model citizen" ratio. Assuring your PO that there has been a mistake will most often result in an immediate retake. Upon failing a second time, reassure the PO that you haven't done anything and that there is definitely a problem. TRY NOT TO MENTION FALSE POSITIVES but do insist that you come back in 2-3 days and test again in case something is altering your system. This can result in either a later return for another test or an evaluation by a special doctor that will try to determine the reason for failure. Whether you are or aren't sent to see one of these doctors you had better know what you are going to say was in your system. (again, find false positives at DURING RETEST IT IS BEST TO HAVE TAKEN A DETOX. If you failed it once, you will probably fail it again!

*LASTLY...DETOX!!!!!!! One of the greatest enemies of a urinalysis is the detox. There are so many detox kits available. If you want to detox the 2 most important things to remember are 1. toxin levels in your body and 2. type of detox.
The only 2 types of detox i would recommend for this procedure are both quite efficient.
* The first type of detox i would recommend would be a temporary detox. This type of detox will mask or eliminate toxins in the body for a certain period of time (usually up to 5 hrs) and start working almost immediately. These types of detox kits are usually cheaper but still carry an awesome passing percentage. I've had tons of friends (of smaller or normal stature) pass many drug test's with these cheaper detox methods.
* The second type of detox i would recommend is the kind that i use. These detox kits will permanently cleanse the body of toxins and take anywhere from 2-10 days to work. These kits are more expensive but return the best results with the highest passing percentages. The kits i that have been passing me can be purchased through
* Other actions that can be taken to pass a drug test include everything from increasing anti-oxidant intake to purchasing other items that will assist in the detox process. Always remember that there are natural and free ways to assist in passing but for a decent or great assist in passing you will need to spend about $20-$50.
Most of the temporary detox will average around $35 while the permanent detox kits can run up to $120.

Although i use the more expensive products i (as a large person) used to achieve the same results with this combination...
1. good diet, much exercise, and no toxins starting 10 days prior to testing.
2. start taking B-CLEAN DAILY CAPSULES 10 days prior to testing. (
3. begin detox procedures accordingly starting 2 days prior.
4. take B-CLEAN SUPER just hours before testing. (
*B-CLEAN SUPER costs about $40 and is a 1 time use while B-CLEAN DAILY CAPSULES cost about $30 and can be used many times over several months
*Both my friends, fellow community service workers, and myself have all achieved magnificent results on this plan. We found it easy because B-CLEAN is a local company, it was easy to get ahold of, and it is known for being absolutely amazing.


I hope i was able to provide you with much of the info that you needed. If not more.

The smartest thing you can do is enter an outpatient substance abuse treatment program and verify attendance to your PO. See a doctor to find a different (and legal) treatment for your "severe ulcer condition". Stop trying to find ways of beating a drug test. The best way to test clean is simple....DO NOT USE. You will be happier, healthier, and not need to worry about your PO or the Judge if you are in treatment and not using.

The paragraph is about testing in probation, and a VOP. ALL of this could have been avoided if he was prepared. If anyone "thinks" he might not pass a drug test, he needs to prepare by getting a private drug test first. Then, if dirty, he needs to have his lawyer delay or amend his probation visit. If he doesn't prepare, and fails a test at probation, he needs to contact a lawyer to do damage control. Either way, he should not leave it to probation to make any decisions for him...
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