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You heard about a prison in Peru that has no guards like Sona in Prison break you may be wrong about the country but you really like to know more about this?

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Yes-It's called Lurigancho and because there are too many prisoners versus guards, they have to elect prisoners that run the show. The conditions are terrible.
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Is prison really like OZ?

  Remeber oz is a tv show and ratings are whats important with tv, however oz is probably the most realistic setting that I've seen yet.

Is sona prison in Brazil?

Sona is a prison located in Panama in the show "Prison Break." It's called the Penitenciaría Federal de Sona.

Is prison break really over?

Yes prison break is over :( the ending was not the best! i thought it was a good ending other than the part about what happened to Michael and now im truly upset its over as i

Where was the sona prison scene on prison break filmed?

the prision is a set somewhere in the state of Texas there is reports filmed at a meat packing plant however other reports claim it not to be true. either way its a TV set in

How do you know if your prison boyfriend really loves you?

if he sends you letters and he does everything in his power to contact you and he is not afraid to share feelings with you and he always says i love you before he is done talk

What do prison guards wear in prison?

A prison guard typically wears a uniform, easily distinguishable from that of the inmates, in order to be identified easily. They usually consist of a buttoned shirt with th
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Do the Guards really run the prisons?

The guards do not run literally run the prisons. The guards only enforce law and order in the prisons. They also safeguard the prisons by keeping a close eye on the prisoners.