What Affects Your Chances of Having Twins

In some pregnancies, a couple may be hoping for twins. In other pregnancies, they may be hoping to avoid them. Either way, what can affect your chances of having twins? As it (MORE)

Symptoms of Twin Pregnancy

Twins are not a rare occurrence and many parents find with surprise that they are going to have two children. If you've recently discovered you're pregnant, you might have fou (MORE)

Famous Twin Celebrities

Many people who aren't twins have wished they had a twin at some point in their lives. Imagine all the trouble you could cause, and fun you could have, by playing some pranks. (MORE)

Seeing Double: Different Types of Twins

Twins have always been subjects of fascination in cultures across the world. In some cases, they are considered a good portent or positive sign and become legendary figures, s (MORE)

Are Identical Twins Identical People?

Having identical twins can sometimes seem like a mystery. How can two little babies both fit in one uterus? How can two different babies end up looking so similar? As your big (MORE)

Early Development of Twins in Pregnancy

So an ultrasound has confirmed you are having twins. What an amazing development. In fact, of all pregnancies, only two percent result in twins. Of those pregnancies, 70 perce (MORE)

Five Signs of a Twin Pregnancy

Every woman considers the possibility she may be pregnant with multiples. This is typically due to: irregular pregnancy signs, heightened pregnancy signs, and the fact that tw (MORE)

Tips for Taking Great Pictures of Triplets

Every parent wants to capture as many pictures as possible of their children growing up. These photos will let them relive pleasant memories once the babies are babies no more (MORE)