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What is iota?

Iota is the ninth, and smallest, letter of the Greek alphabet, and,by extension, a very small quantity of something.
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How big is an iota?

An Iota (uppercase Ι , lowercase ι ; Greek : Ιώτα [iɔ̌ːta]) is the ninth letter of the Greek alphabet. It can be as big or as small as you ( Full Answer )
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Iota in a sentence?

An iota is a miniscule amount of something, often in a morefigurative way rather than literally. An example of a sentenceusing the word "iota" is "The Governor doesn't have a ( Full Answer )
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What does iota mean?

This is the ninth letter of the Greek alphabet and it means alittle or mostly nothing.
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What is alpha omicron pi's initiation?

Alpha Omicron Pi's initiation is sacred, special, and secret. So if you would like to know AOII's initiation, your best bet is to rush AOII and become an initiate.
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Where is fort iota?

It is on the 4th floor. There are spikes at the top. Jumping by them and into the little nook will grant you the achievement of Fort Iota.
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How far is Omicron Piscium?

Omicron Piscium (Torcularis Septentrionalis) is a star in the constellation Pisces, located about 142 light years from Earth.
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What is the color of omicron piscium?

Omicron Piscium's class is class G, meaning it is a yellow star, itis 4,950 kelvin, it is 142 light years away, and has a magnitude of4.26
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What does omicron mean in math?

Nowadays it is not used since it is too easily confused with the Latin letters O and o as well as with the numeral 0. It had a value of 70 in the old Greek system.