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Car will not take a jump and clicks?

The starter relay swicth or solenoid is faulty.   ---------oooooo-------   Sometimes the battery is SO dead that it will not take a charge or even allow the current to f (MORE)
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How many yards equals 1 click?

1,094 yards equals 1 click. 1 click is also equal to 0.6214 miles. A click is another term for a kilometer.
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How does the click beetle get its name?

Click beetles play dead when they perceive a threat. When the click  beetle flips itself back into an upright position, a click is heard  as the spine which it had notched i (MORE)

Meaning of the song click click boom?

  The meaning of the song "Click Click Boom" by Saliva is just about a kid that enjoyed creative activities, mainly writing, instead of going out to play with the other ki (MORE)

What is the click in an antique yarn winder for?

  It's a counter.   From the limited research I have done, the click signifies when you have reached 300 yards of winding. This answer was applied to the "5-spoked" var (MORE)

1997 Pontiac Bonneville se won't start just has 1 click noticed flywheel not turning?

  Well, since the flywheel is bolted to the crank it certainly wouldn't be turning if the engine isn't running. OTOH the flywheel is located between the engine and the tra (MORE)

What is clicking your fingers?

Clicking your fingers is the same as cracking your fingers. they sometimes call it clicking because when you crack them, it makes a *click* sound.
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