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Is 1270 a good SAT score?

For the old SAT, a 1270 SAT score is on the low end of thespectrum. The average SAT score is around 1500. For the New SAT, out of 1600 the score would be significantlybetter. ( Full Answer )
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What are the factors of 1270?

The positive integer factors of 1270 are: 1, 2, 5, 10, 127, 254, 635, 1270
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How do you start a brother intellifax advantage 1270?

To start a Brother Intellifax Advantage 1270, the cord must beinserted into a electrical socket. The second step is to push theblue power button located near the bottom of the ( Full Answer )
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Is 1270 prime or composite?

1270 is composite because it has 8 factors: 1, 2, 5, 10, 127, 254, 635, and 1270.
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Is 1270 calories a lot?

Well If Its All In One Meal It Is A Lot.. If That's all In 3 mixed Meals Then Its Normal, But Still You Can Only Eat Like 2ooo Calories In One day I Think...
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How many meters is in 1270 centimeters?

1,270 centimeters = 12.7m Because there are 100 cm in 1 meter. So you would have to divide 1,2700 by 100.
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Who succeeded the Zagwe dynasty in 1270?

1270 is the end of Zagwe dynasty. there was fight between the last king of zagwe dynasty Zea-Ilmaknun and Yekuno Amlak . Yekuno Amlak wins and continue the Solomonic dynast ( Full Answer )
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Who was king of France in 1270?

King Louis IX "Saint Louis" reigned from 1226 to his death in Tunisia on August 25, 1270. His second son Philippe III "le Hardi" reigned from August 25, 1270, until 1285.