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What kings ruled over England during the 13th century?

King John- named King after his older brother King Richard I died, they were sons of King Henry II, King John was the youngest of 5 1199-1216 King Henry III- the first to be a (MORE)
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What is the full rumi poem from the 13th century?

  The full Rumi quote: "I was born with potential, I was born with goodness and trust, I was born with ideals and dreams, I was born with wings, I was not meant (MORE)

How was the life in the 13th century?

Life would have been very difficult in the 13th century. During  that time, poorer folks lived in straw huts. They would have worked  from sun up to sun down, and would have (MORE)

From what 12th and 13th century game did tennis originate?

Ball sports like tennis can be traced back a long way and the  earliest representations can be found in carvings dating from  1500BC. The Egyptians and the people that follo (MORE)

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