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Did the Chinese discover America before Columbus?

Yes, there has been evidence that they were in North America 500 years before Columbus. no, but the vikings did. the Chinese could have discovered America if they wanted to, (MORE)

Who reached the new world before Columbus?

The Native Americans. They were there WAY before Columbus! There generations were passed from they Inuit's, to they Eskimo's, to the plains Indians to the American Indians or (MORE)

Was John 1written before or after revelations?

I John along with II and III John were wrote by the Apostle John Before he wrote the booke of Revelations, which was penned around 90 a.d. The book of Revelations was the last (MORE)

Who found America before Columbus?

It is acknowledged that the Vikings had discovered and settled North America before Columbus. There is also dispute as to whether the Portuguese or Knights Templar discovered (MORE)

Did people of Europe eat corn before Columbus came to America?

Before Columbus came to the New World the Europeans used the word  "corn" to describe all grains, so yes they ate "corn" (e.g. wheat  corns, barley corns, rye corns, millet (MORE)