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What was life like in the 14th century?

Life in England in the 1300s was not easy for most people. It was  during 1348 that there was a major Plague outbreak, which killed  off up to half of Europe's population at (MORE)

What happened in Europe in the 14th century?

The end of the Middle Ages neared at the dawn of the Italian Renaissance. Spain was completing the Reconquista and Portugal began exploring the coast of Africa. The Black Deat (MORE)

What did priest from the 14th century eat?

Priests might eat white bread, pottage, milk, and fish. A typical pottage consisted of a broth or stock to which vegetables, cereals or meat might be added; eggs might also go (MORE)

What did priest do for jobs in the 14th century?

In the 1300's, priests didn't have jobs outside monasteries, abbeys and the likes, though some would perform agriculture in the fields belonging to those. Priests' main tasks (MORE)
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Where did priests live in the 14th century?

Priests lived in small houses near to their parish church, often with a small plot of land attached for growing vegetables or raising a few animals. Priests depended for their (MORE)

What is the value of a shilling in 14th century England?

The Shilling (12 Pence) did not yet exist in 14th century England, but if it had - 12 Pence GBP in 1350 had the purchasing power of about £20.00 GBP today. NOTE - This histor (MORE)

What where some jobs in the 14th century?

The vast majority of people would have been peasants/serfs so they would have got very little pay, and as such had very little disposable income. In towns you would have got s (MORE)