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How much did it cost to hire a drummer in the year 1504?

That's a question that is likely impossible to answer, for several reasons: 1) In 1504, "drummer" wasn't a profession. In Europe and Asia, there were musicians, and those musi (MORE)

Compare Michelangelo's David 1501-1504 Donatello's David 1428-1432 and Bernini's David 1623?

Bernini and Michelangelo were two artists that sculpted versions of David. Several differences spring to mind when comparing Bernini's sculpture of David with Michelangelo's. (MORE)

What does code 1504 mean on a Ford Expedition?

OBD 2 Code 1504 is. P1504 Intake Air Control circuit malfunction . P1504 Intake Air Control circuit malfunction possible causes IAC circuit open VPWR to IAC soleno (MORE)