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Why was the Society of Jesus founded in 1534?

.   Catholic AnswerBecause St. Ignatius of Loyola received the inspiration from God to follow Him and found a Religious Order in order to support the Church. See links belo (MORE)
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What was the act of sumpremacy of 1534?

The Act of Sumpremacy of 1534 was an act that announced King Henry VIII the head of England and the Church. The Catholics are outraged because King Henry VIII was a very unmor (MORE)

What is the GCF of 65 and 1534?

Prime Factorizations 65 = 5 *13 1534 = 2 * 13 * 59 Thus 13 is the GCF.
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What was jacqueses route in 1534?

Jacques Cartier was a French Explorer who claimed the area that is now Canada for France. The sea route he took began at Cape Bonne Vista and went south to Cap de Saivage. Fro (MORE)