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What is fashion for you?

For me the importance of style and fashion in today's society ismuch underrated. The way that you look and dress is the firstimpression that people have of you. In order to gi (MORE)

The fashion in London in the 1600?

Fashion in the period 1600-1650 in Western European clothing is characterized by the disappearance of the ruff in favor of broad lace or linen collars. Waistlines rose through (MORE)

Who was the queen of England in 1650?

  In 1650 England had neither king nor queen but was ruled from 1649 to 1660 by parliament and the military.   This era in English history can be divided into four peri (MORE)

Which all kings and queens ruled England from 1600 to 1650?

  Queen Elizabeth I finished her reign in 1603 when she dies   King James I (King James VI of Scotland) was on the throne from 1603 - 1625   King Charles I from 1625 (MORE)

France in1550 and 1650?

As far as I know what the year of 1634. The French were the ones to discover the Midwest. Such explorers as Jean Nicollet, Marquette and Jolliet, and the list goes on. So the (MORE)

Why do you fashion?

BECAUSE FASHION IS FABULOUSS DARLING  _______________________________________________ that is so OTT but  i agree It is Fabulous Babe    here You must have heard some (MORE)

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