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Is 1609 a noun?

The number 1609 can be a noun, or an adjective enumerating another  noun. The year 1609 AD is a noun.
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What did William Shakespeare publish in 1609?

I belive it was his sonnets. The original quarto of Shakespeare's Sonnets was published in 1609 by Thomas Thorpe. The absence of the customary author's dedication or benedict (MORE)

How long was it since 1609?

In years: 2018 - 1609 = 409 years In days: This is not quite so simple: 409 years = 409 × 365 days + leap days = 149,285 + leap days The leap days are calculated: 1609 - (MORE)

What animals were in the globe theater in 1609?

Dogs, cats, lots of rats, whatever birds came flying in (it was an open air theatre). There is some evidence that dogs were occasionally used on stage, as the dog Crab has a m (MORE)