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What happened in 1640?

Many notable events occurred in 1640. A peace treaty was signedwith Scotland by King Charles I on August 29, 1640. On December 1,1640 Portugal regained its independence from S (MORE)
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What was life like in America in 1640?

In 1640, there were barely any people living in America. There werealso not many resources so life was very simple.
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Who was Parliament in 1640?

Parliament was the ruler of England. But 4 the ruler of England during the Revolutionary War it was King George III.
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What were rewards in England in 1640?

mhm . the rewards in England was : . they got free Territory and land. . they got Good money ( $$$) . && your grandma told me that the rewards Were too long to understan (MORE)
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Was England at war with Scotland in 1640?

You may be thinking about the Second Bishops' War, although thiswas more of a battle for control over religious doctrine (in theChurch of Scoland) than a strictly nationalisti (MORE)
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Who was king of France in 1640-1655?

Louis XIII from 1610 to 1643 - Louis XIV (the 'Sun-king') from 1643 to 1715 (but is too young too really reign before 1661)
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How many ft is 1640 meters?

By unit of length and mass and conversion ,we can say that 1 m = 3.28 feet (approx) 1640 m = 5380.58 feet (approx)