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What happpend at 1642?

The year 1642 AD was the start of the first English Civil War with King Charles I; war was officially declared on August 22, 1642 when Charles declared war on his own Parliame (MORE)

What happened to the globe theater in 1642?

The Globe and all the public theatres in England were closed in1642 when the Puritan government passed a law against theatricalentertainment, which they considered ungodly.
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Who discovered Tasmania in 1642?

The first European to discover Tasmania was Dutch explorer AbelTasman on 24 November 1642. Tasman discovered the previouslyunknown island on his voyage past the "Great South L (MORE)

Earl of Essex 1642-1649?

Elizabeth I chopped off the Earl of Essex's head because she had a soft spot for him and she didn't want to fall in love because she said she was married to England.

Is 1642 f7 a browning number?

To answer your question would require weeks of research. Does not appear to be in the normal serial number convention.
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