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Why was the Globe theatre closed in 1642?

In 1642 the parliament ordered the theaters to close. The cause of this was that the Puritans had been gaining power and at this point civil war broke out between the parliame ( Full Answer )
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What did Pascal invent in 1642?

Pascal invented the numerical wheel calculator called the Pascaline to help his father count taxes.
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What happpend at 1642?

The year 1642 AD was the start of the first English Civil War with King Charles I; war was officially declared on August 22, 1642 when Charles declared war on his own Parliame ( Full Answer )
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Why was there a Civil War in England in 1642?

Charles was the cause of the civil war -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Charles 1 was causing the ( Full Answer )
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Who closed theaters in England in 1642?

The Puritans closed the theaters. Puritans disliked theaters and the art in general believing it was sinful.
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What happened in 1640 and 1642?

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Was 1642 a leap year or not?

No, leap years in the middle of a century are evenly divisible by 4, like 1640 and 1644. That's true for the Julian calendar and the Gregorian calendar, both of which were in ( Full Answer )
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Who was the king of England in 1642-1649?

Charles I. He was later executed in 1649 for crimes against the people. However, he didn't have complete control and the people rebelled against him for charging to much tax. ( Full Answer )
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Who was the prime minister in Australia in 1642?

No-one. The only people known to live in Australia in 1642 were theindigenous Australians, or Aborigines. They had their own societywhich did not come under any European gover ( Full Answer )
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Who ruled parliament in 1642?

1642 was a session year of the so-called "Long Parliament" that satfrom 1640 to 1648. No-on 'ruled' it, since parliament made its owndecisions and could be dissolved only if a ( Full Answer )