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What was the primary reason that no new colonies were founded in North America between 1643 and 1670?

Trouble started in 1624. with an alliance between James I and France. France became involved in the Thirty Years War from 1634 to 1648. Now the Thirty Years Was is one of the (MORE)

Mother of Louis XIV regent for her son 1643-1661?

Louis XIV of France, also known as 'Louis the Great' was the kingof that country from the year 1643 until his death in the year1715. When he was four years old, he fell seriou (MORE)
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Who ruled France during 1643?

Louis XIII ruled until his death on 14 May 1643 and it was followed by four year old Louis XIV. His Mother Anne of Austria ruled as his regent with the aid of Cardinal Mazarin (MORE)

What is the value of a German luger 1940 serial number 1643?

Value will depend on condition, originality, markings, and maker (several different firms made the P08 Luger) The differences can make a MAJOR difference in values. Values cou (MORE)