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What is the value of a 1648 British Shilling?

A British 1648 silver Shilling (Charles I)(lozenge shaped, octagonal or round), circulated but still in good condition, might fetch anything from £1,750 to £5,250 GBP. (MORE)
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Who captured Charles I in 1648?

Oliver Cromwell and his Parliamentary Army. June 1947 a junior officer, Cornet Joyce, captured Charles 1 and brought him into the control of the army. It is not known if this (MORE)
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Result of the Peace of Westphalia of 1648?

The Peace of Westphalia of 1648 was a series of treaties in westernEurope. The treaties ended the Thirty Years War in the Holy RomanEmpire and the Eighty Years War between the (MORE)
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Who was the ruler of England in 1648?

Between 1625 and 1648, Charles I was the ruler of England and Scotland. Then in 1948 the King was Charles II.. By the smartest person in the World. YK
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Why was Germany not a nation prior to 1648?

The notion that Germany became a nation in 1648 is nonsense. An awareness German national cultural identity is older. However, Germany didn't become a nation-state still with (MORE)
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How had France evolved by 1648?

France had not evolved very far by 1648. There was still imminent threat of rebellion from the Fronde and a stable centralised government had not been established.
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What are the factors and prime factors of 1648?

1648 is a composite number because it has factors other than 1 and itself. It is not a prime number. To cover all the different types of "factors": The 10 factors of 1 (MORE)
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How did France evolve by 1648?

France did not evolve at all. France was progressing as a country but did absolutely nothing when you look at them in reality. France just made a complete circle when it comes (MORE)
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What country did Switzerland gain independence from in 1648?

It didn't. Switzerland wasn't a country in 1648. It was a military alliance ofindependent states (called cantons) - a sort of medieval NATO. Itdidn't finally merge into a coun (MORE)