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What did the toleration act of 1649 do?

It guaranteed toleration to all christians. It declared a death penalty for those like jew, and atheists, who denied the divinity of Jesus and ofcourse was used in protection (MORE)

Act of toleration 1649?

The Act of Toleration was passed in Maryland in 1649. The act gaveChristians the right to practice their religion and could punishothers who were not Christians.
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Act Of Toleration in 1649?

Maryland Toleration Act was passed in 1649 by assembly of the Province of Maryland mandating religious toleration. The Colonists needed to attract venture profitable. In order (MORE)

What happened in 1649 in Ireland?

The Cromwellian conquest of Ireland (1649-53) refers to the re-conquest of Ireland by the forces of the English Parliament, led by Oliver Cromwell during the wars of the thre (MORE)

What happen in 1649?

Charles I was brought to trial in January. He was executed outside the Banqueting House in Whitehall at the end of the month. The English monarchy was abolished, Parliament se (MORE)

Who was the king of England in 1642-1649?

Charles I. He was later executed in 1649 for crimes against the people. However, he didn't have complete control and the people rebelled against him for charging to much tax. (MORE)
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Who reigned from 1649?

Nobody. King Charles Stuart (Charles I) was beheaded on Tuesday, 30 January 1649. a Council of State was set-up instead of the monarchy and Oliver Cromwell was its first c (MORE)