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What is the average time for the 1650 freestyle swim?

It all depends on the condition of the swimmer. A more experienced swimmer would swim faster. A good average time is 20 minutes.
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What was happening in the US between 1550-1650?

In the 1500s, the Dutch colonies attacked France because of weaponry issues. In 1589, the US was attacked by Germany because of weaponry. In 1678, Great Britain was attacked b (MORE)

Who where the rulers of England from 1550 to 1650?

English Monarchs   Edward VI 1547-1553   Lady Jane Grey1553   Mary I 1553-1558   Elizabeth I 1558-1603   James I 1603-1625 was also, separately King of Scotla (MORE)

Who was the queen of England in 1650?

  In 1650 England had neither king nor queen but was ruled from 1649 to 1660 by parliament and the military.   This era in English history can be divided into four peri (MORE)

World History 1550-1650?

Some world events that occurred between 1550 and 1650 were that  Queen Elizabeth I became the ruler of England and Ireland. The  Peace of Westphalia agreement was made to en (MORE)

France in1550 and 1650?

As far as I know what the year of 1634. The French were the ones to discover the Midwest. Such explorers as Jean Nicollet, Marquette and Jolliet, and the list goes on. So the (MORE)

Is a 1650 British Penny rare?

You would think so, but the prices offered for the 1650 British silver Penny do not reflect great rarity considering the age of the coins. £25 to £75 GBP for coins in Fine t (MORE)