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Why did mortality rates begin to decline rapidly around 1650?

Better sanitation and health care, control of disease, increased availability of food, and improved economic conditions.
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Who where the rulers of England from 1550 to 1650?

English Monarchs   Edward VI 1547-1553   Lady Jane Grey1553   Mary I 1553-1558   Elizabeth I 1558-1603   James I 1603-1625 was also, separately King of Scotla (MORE)

Why is swimming 1650 yards considered a mile?

In Olympic and International competition, the distances are in meters (usually either 25 "short course" or 50 meter "long course" pools). A mile is 1609 meters. 1650 is the fi (MORE)

How do you reset nokia 1650 security code?

How do you reset fectari nokia 1650 security code  
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Which all kings and queens ruled England from 1600 to 1650?

  Queen Elizabeth I finished her reign in 1603 when she dies   King James I (King James VI of Scotland) was on the throne from 1603 - 1625   King Charles I from 1625 (MORE)

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If you came to settle in present day new york city in about 1650 you were most likely of what descent?

You would have been of Dutch descent because it was then New Amsterdam. The town was founded in 1625 by Willem Verhulst, and Peter Stuyvesant was the Director-General of the (MORE)

World History 1550-1650?

Some world events that occurred between 1550 and 1650 were that  Queen Elizabeth I became the ruler of England and Ireland. The  Peace of Westphalia agreement was made to en (MORE)

Is a 1650 British Penny rare?

You would think so, but the prices offered for the 1650 British silver Penny do not reflect great rarity considering the age of the coins. £25 to £75 GBP for coins in Fine t (MORE)