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What was the population in 1681 in pennsylvania?

There is no true documentation for the population of Pennsylvaniain 1681. In 1680, the population was 680. By 1690, the populationhad grown to 11,450.
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What does the Saturn code 1681 mean?

It means you bought a piece of junk that will cause you problems as long as you own it..... Saturn buyers are only happy twice... once when you buy it and once when you sell i ( Full Answer )
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Who wrote the Charter of 1681?

The Charter of 1681, which gave William Penn the power to governthe colony of Pennsylvania, is attributed to King Charles II. Itmay actually have been written by one of his em ( Full Answer )
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Pennsylvania founded 1681?

As a colony, yes, Pennsylvania was founded, or "chartered," in 1681. It later ratified the Constitution and became a state in 1787.
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What the problems in 1681 was in Pennsylvania?

Ill defined borders and maps, native American land title, French, Dutch and Swedish settlements and prior claims and the lack of a cash crop.
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What happened in 1681?

In march of 1681 King Charles II of England granted a charter to William Penn for the colony of Pennsylvania.
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Who king of England 1681?

King Charles II reigned as King of England between May 29, 1660, the traditional date of the Reformation, and his death on February 6, 1685.
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Where people was from in pansylvania in 1681?

In 1683, Germans from a town called Krefeld settled in what is now Germantown, Pennsylvania. They were Quakers and Mennonites seeking religious freedom.