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What was invented in 1685?

In 1685, Denis Papin proposed placing paddlewheels, driven by steam, on a boat. However, his concept for how the force of the steam would be converted into mechanical energ (MORE)
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What wars happened during 1685 to 1750?

\n. \nWell this was J.S. Bach's life span, but I am not sure what wars were fought...I do know that the famous seven years of war occured shortly after J.S.'s death. I am not (MORE)

Who replaced Charles II in 1685?

James II succeeded Charles II in 1685. This was as the King ofEngland and Ireland. As King of Scotland, James II was known asJames VII.

Where was Cromwell's head in 1685?

The head fell of the pole in a strong wind one night, the next morning the guard came to guard it then he found that it had fallen, so he stole it and hid it in his chimney, t (MORE)