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What was the sweating sickness from the 16th century?

  The Sweating Sickness Returns     Anne Boleyn, although unable to survive her marriage to Henry VIII, was rumored to have resisted the onslaught of another six (MORE)

How do you spot a witch in the 16th century?

How to spot a witch    1) They are mostly old women.    2) They have pets that follow them around, mostly black cats.    3) they make models.    4) (MORE)

Did they have guns in the 16th century?

Guns were used in the 1600s, most notably the standardized flintlock gun. Rudimentary firearms had been around since the 14th century and rifles since the 16th century. By the (MORE)

What happened in Roanoke in the 16th century?

In July of 1587 a colony of some 117 men, women and boys arrived on Roanoke Island, in what is now North Carolina. They established a settlement. In August of that year Govern (MORE)

What did people eat in the 16th century?

In the 16th century the main food of rich people was meat. However the rich rarely ate vegetables. Rich people were not necessarily well fed because they ate too few vegetable (MORE)

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