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What colonies did France give up in 1713?

In 1713, France was forced to give up Newfoundland, Acadia, and theHudson Bay Basin as part of the Treaty of Utrecht. The Treaty ofUtrecht was a series of peace treaties.
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Who controlled Louisbourg in 1713?

the french ^ can u plz explain this more . i have a project and this is not helpful ( unless i want a level 1 )
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What happened in European history in 1713?

the treaty of utrecht was signed in April of that year. it was series of peace treaties that helped to end the war of spanish succession.
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The Treaty of Utrecht in 1713?

The Treaty of Utrecht, also referred to as the Peace of Utrecht wasa series of individual peace treaties, rather than a singledocument. It was signed by the fighters in the Wa ( Full Answer )
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What treaty was signed in 1713?

Great Britain and France having agreed a truce, the pace of negotiation now quickened, and the main treaties were finally signed on 11 April 1713 .
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Is 1713 prime?

Since the digits of the number 1713 add up to a multiple of 3, the number is divisible by 3. Aside from itself and 1, the factors of 1713 are 3 and 571.
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What is the value of a 1713 stradivarius?

The chance of a "1713 Stradivarius" actually being just that is relatively slim. This is one instrument that has seen more counterfeits, copies and "tributes" than any other o ( Full Answer )
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Which country controlled Mexico and 1713?

Spain qualifies as such. It controlled Mexico from 1521 at the Fall of Tenochtitlan , until 1821 when the Three Guarantees Army (Mexican pro-secessionist forces) entered Mexi ( Full Answer )