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Who controlled Louisbourg in 1713?

the french ^ can u plz explain this more . i have a project and this is not helpful ( unless i want a level 1 )

Is 1713 prime?

Since the digits of the number 1713 add up to a multiple of 3, the number is divisible by 3. Aside from itself and 1, the factors of 1713 are 3 and 571.

What is the value of a 1713 stradivarius?

The chance of a "1713 Stradivarius" actually being just that is relatively slim. This is one instrument that has seen more counterfeits, copies and "tributes" than any other o (MORE)
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Which country controlled Mexico and 1713?

Spain qualifies as such. It controlled Mexico from 1521 at the Fall of Tenochtitlan , until 1821 when the Three Guarantees Army (Mexican pro-secessionist forces) entered Mexi (MORE)