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What experiences did the acadian encounter after France lost control of this region to the british in 1713?

  The Acadians were descendants from France, so when the British took control of the acadians, they said they didn't want to take sides, they would not fight in a war agai (MORE)

What is a copy of antonius stradivarius faciebat cremona 1713 worth?

This style was sold in the 1950's. A violin of good quality that is  over 50 years old and well cared for wood increases the the  violin's beauty and tone quality. The style (MORE)

Where can you find an original Stradivarius 1713 Czechoslovakia KHS?

I am selling a very beautiful example of this violin size 1/2 on eBay (dated 26 December 2008), it is in excellent condition and has a one piece front AND a one piece back. It (MORE)

What is the value of a 1713 British Guinea coin?

A British 1713 Guinea, circulated but still in good condition, might fetch anything from £325 to £2,250 GBP.   A British 1713/1 Guinea, circulated but still in good co (MORE)