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How was the length of a standard meter defined in the year 1719?

Answer . The standard meter (metre) was not defined in 1719. It was not until the 1790's that it was set as a standard. It was proposed that the metre would be defined as o (MORE)

What president declared war on Germany in 1719?

There was no "Germany" as a single political entity in 1719. There was the remnants of the "Holy Roman Empire of the German Nation", but that wasn't Germany. There were numero (MORE)

What did the constitution of 1719 do?

  · Ended total monarchy in France   · Limited power of the king   · Declare every man equal   · Church had no say in government   · Government only (MORE)

What is the value of an Antonius Stradivarious Cremonenfis Faciebat Anno 1719?

Most of the violins are worth a price ranging from $100 to $250.  The exact price will depend upon the condition of the violin.   --------   The vast majority of inst (MORE)

What is the value of a 1719 British Farthing?

A British 1719 copper Farthing (George I)(small letters), circulated but still in good condition, might fetch anything from £60 to £700 GBP. A British 1719 copper Farthing ( (MORE)