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Pierre jarreau from the year 1720 -1800?

Ø If the  mountain will not come to Mohammed, Mohammed goes to Pierre.    Ø Pierre once  slammed a revolving door.   Ø When Pierre  makes a sound in the woods, e (MORE)

Is 1720 a good SAT score?

Answer   I was told 1500 is the average. I got 1720 too and got to skip taking the placement tests for the college I am going to. So yeah, you did well.
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Is a 1720 SAT score good?

To score a 1720 on the SAT is a very good score. The score of 1720  places the student in the 79th percentile of students that took the  test.
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What is the value of a 1720 British Penny?

A British 1720 (silver) Penny, circulated but still in good condition, might fetch anything from £8 to £60 GBP. A British 1720 (silver) Penny (HIPEX error), circulated but s (MORE)

Slavery in Virginia from 1662-1720?

1662-Virginian law makes slavery hereditary. 1691- Virginia prohibits interracial sexual contact. 1705- Virginia slave code established
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