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British Monarchs from 1485-1776?

well there weren't any British Monarchs till 1707 when England and Scotland became one nation Great Britain English Monarchs: Scottish Monarchs: Edward IV R. 11 April 1471 - (MORE)

What happened in 1776?

The Colonies wrote and signed the Declaration of Independence on  July 4, 1776. After 5 years of war with the British a peace treaty  was signed and Congress wrote the Artic (MORE)

What was the conflict in the American Revolution of 1776?

  The Colonials felt as if they "had their own thing going" in America, so to speak, after 150 years on their own, and were angry about new taxes the British were laying u (MORE)

What is the significance of the Year 1776?

That was the year in which the North American colonies of Great Britain declared their independence, creating the United States of America.
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What is the value of a 1776-1776 US half dollar?

Please look at your coin a bit more carefully. The date is 1776-1976. Your half dollar is one of a huge number minted as part of the Bicentennial celebration; if you found it (MORE)

Who was the president in 1776?

John Hancock was president of the Continental Congress in 1776.   The United States of America was actually formed on March 1, 1781  with the adoption of The Articles of (MORE)

War in 1776?

the war was a very important part in American history. George Washington was not prepared with well-trained soilders while Britain and Germany had the best soilders in the wor (MORE)

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