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What happened in 1789?

Among many other (and just as important) things: . Chinese troops expelled from the Vietnamese capital. . Theatrical performances no longer banned in Pennsylvania. . The (MORE)

Who was the president in 1789?

George Washington was the President of the United States in 1789. He was the first President of the United States and he took office on April 30 of that year, serving two ter (MORE)

In what century was 1789?

1789 was part of the 18th century. Because the first centurystarted with the year 1, the next century starts in the year 100.This means to tell what century the year was part (MORE)
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World events in 1789 1789 world evevnts?

a small world war in 1790that changed the way of ruling the state or country...............................hkdsgba ietvhnoud fmsaDJ: KASDHNf shnvusdl givjcxb during the revolu (MORE)

What was invented in 1789?

There were no notable inventions of 1789. However, there areseveral inventions recorded through patent offices in 1790including a two-wheel bicycle, and the shoelace.

Who owned the Bastille in 1789?

The Bastille was the main Royal prison in Paris, it normally held prisoners of special interest to the King but at the time only seven common criminals were incarcerated. Sinc (MORE)

What was the capital of US in 1789?

Philadelphia was the capital of theUnited States in 1789. New York City was the first capital of theUnited States once the Constitution was ratified. In 1790Philadelphia was c (MORE)