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What happened in 1817?

An important event that happened in 1817 was Mississippi becoming a  state. The Second Bank of the United States opened in this year as  well, and the New York Stock Exchang (MORE)

Who was the president in 1817?

James Monroe took office on March 4, 1817. He  replaced James Madison who served during the first  of the year.
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Who was the Governor of Pennsylvania in 1817?

Simon Snyder (born November 5, 1759 in Lancaster, Pennsylvania; died November 9, 1819 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania) succeeded Thomas McKean as the third Govenror of Pennsylva (MORE)
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What century was 1817?

The 19th century. Because the "first century" was from 1 AD to 100  AD, each succeeding century is one more than the hundreds date  (except even 100's).    (Note that (MORE)

What is a 1817 Canadian penny value?

No such thing as an 1817 Canadian penny. Canada wasn't formed until 1867, prior to that, coins had the name of the province on them. The earliest I can find in my coin catalog (MORE)