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What was invented in 1818?

On September 25 , 1818 in London, Dr. James Blundell carried outthe first blood transfusion using human blood. This was a hugeadvancement in the field of medicine.
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What was the Religion in 1818?

I don't know yet, but I am trying to find this out. I have a feeling that there were four and that Mary Shelley's Frankenstein challenged a lot of ethical beliefs in these rel ( Full Answer )
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Who was the president in 1818?

James Monroe was the President of the United States in 1818. James Monroe was the 5th President of the United States from 1817 March 4 to 1825 March 4.
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What happened on 1818?

The united states got a new territory from Britain to expand their territory. The territory is on the northern US
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What is the British cession of 1818?

it was a situation for the colonists because the british were taking over the colonist
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1818 Maryland placed a tax on?

Government employed bank. Taxed the government. In 1819, the Supreme Court ruled the Congress had power to incoporate a bank and a state could not tax national government empl ( Full Answer )
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How much did a stamp cost in 1818?

Stamps were not available in 1818. They were not created until 1840. Prior to that, if there was a postal system, the postal worker would mark on the envelop with a stamp or h ( Full Answer )
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Who was the Governor of Virginia in 1818?

James Patton Preston (born June 21, 1774 in Smithfield, Virginia; died May 4, 1843 in Smithfield, Virginia) succeeded Wilson Cary Nicholas as the twentieth Governor of Virgnia ( Full Answer )
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Who was the Governor of Maryland in 1818?

Charles Carnan Ridgely (born December 6, 1760 in Baltimore County, Maryland; died July 17, 1829 in Baltimore County, Maryland) succeeeded Levin Winder as the fifteenth Governo ( Full Answer )
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What science did they have in 1818?

every one they have int he present day, but in much less detail. there would have been a lot less theories than there are now and most things would be very hazzy and undetaile ( Full Answer )