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What happened in Boston in 1822?

Answer . How many people lived in Boston in 1822; and how many things happened to each of them? Rephrase your question. ie: Why is the year 1822 significant in the Hist (MORE)

What happened in 1822?

One significant event that occurred in 1822 was that the United  States officially recognized Mexico as an independent country. This  was also the year that Liberia was sett (MORE)

Who was the president in 1822?

James Monroe was the President of the United  States in 1822.   He was the 5th President and served from 1817 March 4 to 1825 March  4..
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Who was the Governor of Virginia in 1822?

Thomas Mann Randolph, Jr. (born October 1, 1768 in Goochland County, Virginia; died June 20, 1828 in Monticello, Virgnia) succeeded James Patton Preston as the twenty-first Go (MORE)